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Electric drive innovation simplifies two hatch cover operations

30 November 2009

A good example of Cargotec focus on environmentally-responsible engineering solutions is MacRack, an electric-drive innovation for MacGregor side-rolling hatch covers which combines two operations: raising a cover, and moving it sideways to open or close the hatch

Cargotec has launched MacRack, a new economical, competitive and environmentally-friendly electric-drive system that unites the lift and drive operations for side-rolling hatch covers and so makes separate hatch cover lifters obsolete. The combined rack-and-pinion drive and lifter employs an enhanced control system and just one electric motor per hatch cover panel.

This is a significant advance in electric-drive technology, highlighted Torbj¶rn Dahl, senior naval architect for bulk ships at Cargotec. MacRack, like the other electric drives in the company portfolio, provides a sustainable and efficient technological solution.

When opening hatch covers a lever mechanism converts the electric motor rotating motion into a vertical movement, providing the lifting force needed. When closing, the mechanism lowers the covers and pushes them together to achieve the correct amount of rubber compression and tightness.

Development work is a continuous process and does not happen overnight. Work on the electric-drive side-rolling hatch cover started in 2001 in response to the Japanese car industry ambition to make its supply chain as green as possible. The company answer to this challenge was to launch the E-Roll side-rolling hatch cover system. E-Roll components and control system were essentially developed from scratch because similar systems for the marine and bulk carrier environments did not exist. After extensive tests and a lengthy component selection process, the first orders were signed in 2006. Twelve ships using E-Roll systems are in service but this number is growing rapidly: another 11 shipsets of equipment are on order and about 30 more are in the pipeline.

As with all first-generation technology, improvements were needed and the development project focusing on the safety, technical limitations and cost of electric drives resulted in the launch of MacRack.

Other recent electric drive successes for MacGregor equipment includes the breakthrough order for 24 electrically-operated cargo cranes for a series of eight 16,900 dwt bulker carriers being built in China for Polish shipowner Polsteam (PZM); they are scheduled for installation from the end of 2010 to 2012.

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Caption: MacRack represents a significant advance in electric drive technology, employing only one electric motor per hatch cover panel and a further-enhanced control system


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