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Cargotec wins IBJ's environment protection award with innovative MacGregor solution


CARGOTEC CORPORATION, TRADE PRESS RELEASE, 24 NOVEMBER AT 11.00 AM EETCargotec's MacRack solution for side-rolling hatch covers has won the International Bulk Journal's (IBJ) environment protection award. IBJ Awards judges were impressed by the MacRack system, which is based on environmentally-friendly electric-drive technology that offers shipowners energy savings, and eliminates hydraulic oil leaks along with the need to fit hydraulic pipework on board.

"We are delighted that Cargotec's MacRack has been recognised with this reward," says Rauno Rajalampi, Cargotec's Product Manager for bulk ships. "Environmentally-friendly electric drives offer many advantages for shipowners, ship operators and shipyards, and 'green' solutions can also make economic sense, as is the case with MacRack," he notes.As a result of refining its electric drive technology for side-rolling hatch covers, Cargotec launched MacRack, a second-generation system that offers shipowners an economical, competitive and environmentally-friendly electric-drive solution. Refinements focused on safety, technical issues and the cost of electric drives."Cargotec aims to set the pace in developing innovative cargo-handling equipment, which is also designed with environmental protection in mind," adds Mr Rajalampi. "We understand that development work is a continuous process and MacRack is one intermediate achievement on this path".MacRack: innovative features
Traditionally, large bulk carrier side-rolling hatch covers use two types of drive/lifting systems for opening/closing operations. MacRack unites lift and drive operations and so makes separate hatch cover lifters obsolete. This reduces maintenance work for the shipowner, and the shipyard's installation work is also simpler because fewer components need to be installed on the coaming. Another significant feature is that the actuators are installed on the hatch sides only, which ensures that the drive unit is well protected from cargo spills during loading and discharging. Detailed technical checks as well as prototype tests have been carried out, and a patent is pending.Reliability has also been a key focus. For instance, if one of the deck PLCs is broken, the panel can be driven directly from the variable frequency drive (VFD) operating panel. It is also possible to manually cross-connect motors between VFDs. Also, if a problem in position control arises, the system goes into 'safety mode', which allows a panel to be driven, but only at low speed. If electrical power cannot be used, panels can be operated with a simple pneumatic tool.Electric drives are also ideal for remote diagnostics technology, and by using the latest diagnostics tools it is now possible to offer real-time equipment condition analysis and reporting via telephone or satellite communication media.[ends]

Photo: From left to right: Lex de Ridder, award sponsor from the Port of Amsterdam; Ari Viitanen and Rauno Rajalampi from Cargotec, and Ray Girvan, publisher, International Bulk JournalFor further information please contact,
Rauno Rajalampi, Product Manager, Bulk Ships, tel: +358 2 4121 365
Email: or Heli Malkavaara, Communications Manager, tel +358 2 4121 252
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Cargotec improves the efficiency of cargo flows on land and at sea - wherever cargo is on the move. Cargotec's daughter brands, Hiab, Kalmar and MacGregor are recognised leaders in cargo and load handling solutions around the world. Cargotec's global network is positioned close to customers and offers extensive services that ensure the continuous, reliable and sustainable performance of equipment. Cargotec's sales totalled EUR 2.6 billion in 2009 and it employs approximately 9,800 people. Cargotec's class B shares are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

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