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Cargotec's expertise, new model generation on display at CeMAT 2011


CARGOTEC CORPORATION, TRADE PRESS RELEASE, 16 FEBRUARY 2011 AT 12.00 NOON EETCargotec, the world's leading provider of load handling equipment, will showcase its material handling expertise at CeMAT - the biggest international trade fair for intralogistics. The exhibition will run from 2-6 May in Hannover, Germany.

Long-term industry expertise and experience
Cargotec has extensive knowledge and decades of experience in the material handling industries. Our global presence and operations in more than 120 countries guarantee our customers easy, local access. Through its well-known daughter brands, Cargotec offers customer-driven Hiab on-road load handling products to the construction and forest industries, and Kalmar mobile equipment to the heavy industries, inland and distribution terminals, and ports.Introducing a new generation of innovative handling
The development of Kalmar counterbalance equipment continues to go from strength to strength. In May, Cargotec will to introduce its latest generation of productive, cost-effective and ergonomic cargo handling machines. The company will further extend the market leadership of its forklifts, empty and loaded container handlers, reachstackers, and logstackers with the launch of the 'G' generation.Based on the proven technology of Cargotec's widely successfully F generation, the company's new era in material handling promises customers improvements in fuel efficiency, safety, serviceability and ergonomics while reducing environmental impact."We are continuously working to improve the efficiency and economy of our customers' operations. The new G generation of Kalmar counterbalance equipment is the next step in this process. We have enhanced the cost-efficiency, quality and productivity of our counterbalance machines resulting in better performance and greater savings," says Thomas Malmborg, Vice President, Forklift Trucks.Cargotec plans to introduce its first 'G generation' machine at the CeMAT exhibition in Hannover. The unit will be on display at the event.A complete offering for the logistics industry
For decades, Cargotec has delivered a wide range of equipment and services to meet - and even exceed - the unique demands of its customers' operations. Focused on improving productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness, Cargotec no doubt offers a solution to resolve any logistical problem. Number one reachstacker worldwide
The Kalmar DRF reachstacker, introduced in 2002, is the company's all-time best selling reachstacker model serving port and inland terminal customers. Known for its superior reliability and robustness, the DRF is an extremely versatile machine built for any size or type of operation. Last year, the company introduced a leaner model for smaller terminals with the same reliability but with fewer special options and features. As the first company to commercialise the machine in 1985, Kalmar reachstackers are today working in more than 160 countries.Number one empty container handler worldwide
The Kalmar empty container handler is a reliable, simple workhorse that continues to get the job done. The Kalmar DCF100 model was engineered to satisfy a growing demand in the truck market for handling empty containers two at a time. Cargotec offers a complete range of empty container handlers with capacities of 7 to 10 tonnes able to stack containers 4- to 8-high.

The Kalmar DCF loaded container handler was designed for port and terminal customers seeking higher productivity and better operational quality. Able to stack 5-high at a capacity of up to 41 tonnes with great speed, the DCF outperforms the competition. Number one log stacker worldwide
The latest Kalmar RTD logstackers, capable of lifting up to 30-tonne bundles, are the market's preferred machines for loading/unloading trucks or rail cars in one take. They can be equipped with software-controlled features such as 'eco-drive' and 'tyre saver' which help to reduce operating costs without compromising productivity. Typically logging up to 6,500 hours annually, these workhorses can be found at most major pulp and paper mills and sawmills in Europe.Number one heavy industrial forklift in Europe
Cargotec's portfolio of Kalmar forklifts boasts a wide range of lifting capacities and special attachment options for the forest, pulp and paper, stone and concrete, steel, distribution, and port and terminal industries. From 5 to 90 tonnes, Kalmar forklifts are reliable, effective and ergonomic even while operating in the most extreme conditions. The Kalmar ECF electric forklift is a sustainable performer ideal for indoor operations or sensitive operations like food and beverage. With no emissions and lifting capacities from 5 to 9 tonnes, the ECF is the industry's most durable, clean machine. Number one in truck-mounted forklifts worldwide
Mobile, powerful and ready in less than one minute, Hiab Moffett truck-mounted forklifts have become indispensable in today's highly competitive distribution business worldwide. With more than 45 years experience, Cargotec offers a truck-mounted forklift for almost any application - light to heavy weight, extreme off-road capability, or urban use. With customer-appreciated features like LED road lights, an ergonomic cabin, and a combined integrated side shift and fork positioner attachment, it's no surprise that more than 1,600 Hiab M4 truck-mounted forklifts have been delivered since being introduced in 2007.Number one in terminal tractors worldwide
Kalmar terminal tractors are built to move trailers quickly and efficiently in order to drive productivity up and costs down. With well over 45,000 units delivered worldwide, Cargotec's expertise in trailer handling is the longest on the market. The new, purpose-built TT612d for distribution and logistics yard operations offers customers an innovative and tailored machine with benefits in safety, economics, ergonomics and service. Cargotec's expert solutions are in place all over the globe working to improve the flow of cargo. we keep cargo on the move(TM) is our promise to customers. It's what drives our business and guides our behaviour. We invite you to see for yourself how we put this promise into practice. Please visit us at our CeMAT stand: hall 25, stand D12.

For further information, please contact:Thomas Malmborg, Vice President, Forklift Trucks, tel. +46 372 26353, thomas.malmborg@cargotec.comElizabeth Gibson, Communications Manager, tel. +1 785 214 1223,

Notes to editorsCargotec improves the efficiency of cargo flows on land and at sea - wherever cargo is on the move. Cargotec's daughter brands, Hiab, Kalmar and MacGregor are recognised leaders in cargo and load handling solutions around the world. Cargotec's global network is positioned close to customers and offers extensive services that ensure the continuous, reliable and sustainable performance of equipment. Cargotec's sales totalled EUR 2.6 billion in 2010 and it employs approximately 10,000 people. Cargotec's class B shares are quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki under symbol CGCBV. Hiab is the global market-leading brand for on-road load handling solutions. Customer-driven Hiab on-road load handling products and solutions are utilised for moving goods and materials on the road - for example, at construction sites; in forests, industry, waste handling, and recycling; and by the defence forces.
Cargotec's expertise in container and heavy load handling is represented in the global marketplace by the wide range of Kalmar solutions. This includes ship-to-shore cranes, yard cranes, shuttle and straddle carriers, reachstackers, empty container handlers, terminal tractors, log stackers, forklifts and automation. One in four container movements around the globe is handled by a Kalmar machine.

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