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Continuously high order intake and a record orderbook in MacGREGOR crane business


MacGREGOR folding hatch cover sets serve Japanese RoLo cargo ship quartet

MacGREGOR folding hatch cover sets will benefit four RoLo cargo vessels on order at Shin Kochi Jyuko Co Ltd in JapanTwo 13,400 dwt and two 28,900 dwt RoLo cargo vessels ordered from Shin Kochi Jyuko Co Ltd in Japan for the domestic owner NYK-Hinode Line will be served by MacGREGOR folding hatch cover sets on the weatherdeck. Furthermore the 28,900 dwt vessels are specified with MacGREGOR stern ramps.

The four holds of the larger ships are specified with high-stowing covers arranged in panel-pairs forward and aft to offer the following clear openings inside the hatch coaming:

hatch no. panels clear opening (LxB)
12 + 014.4m x 12.6m
22 + 223.2m x 18m
32 + 227.2m x 18m
42 + 223.2m x 15m

Operated hydraulically by external hydraulic cylinders, the covers are manually cleated by quick-acting cleats and designed to be weathertight in the closed position.

Container stack load ratings for the 13,400 dwt vessels range from 48 long tonnes/20ft units and 60 long tonnes/40ft for hatches Nos. 1 & 2.

Container stack loads for the 28,900 dwt are same for No 1 hatch, for No 2 hatch 60 long tonnes/20ft, 75 long tonnes for 40 ft and for No 3. Hatch 50 long tonnes/20ft, 65 long tonnes/40 ft containers, and for No 4. hatch 72 long tonnes/20ft and 90 long tonnes/40ft.

Sealing between cover panels and coaming is effected by sliding-type rubber packing on the panel acting directly on a stainless steel mating plate on top of the coaming.

MacGREGOR will also supply stern ramps for the two 28.900 dwt RoLo vessels enabling car loading onto tween deck from starboard side.
Clear width 4m x Length 25m
Maximum Load ; 10 tonnes
Available wharf height ; from -350mm to “4650mm from threshold


Shin Kochi Jyuko Co Ltd is the most flexible of the Shin Kurushima group shipyards. Shin Kurushima has a reputation for delivering diverse dry cargo and tanker tonnage, as shown by the list below. Kanax acts as a purchasing window for the Shin Kurushima Group and Toyohashi, and is an important MacGREGOR customer for hatch covers, RoRo equipment and cranes.

The Shin Kurushima Dockyard group's reference list includes:
* 24,000 dwt, 45,000 dwt, 72,000 dwt and 150,000 dwt bulk carriers
* 1,510 TEU, 1,600 TEU and 3,450 TEU container ships
* 200,000ft³, 380,000ft³, 500,000ft³ and 670,000ft³ reefer ships
* 600-, 800- and 3,000-unit pure car carriers and 6,000-unit pure car truck carriers
* 9,400gt and 14,400gt RoPax ferries
* self-unloading bulk carriers
* general cargo ships
* 12,000 dwt and 20,000 dwt cement carriers
* 100,000 dwt crude carriers
* 46,000 dwt products tankers
* 19/20,000 dwt chemical carriers
* coastal tankers
* small LPG carriers
* asphalt tankers
* fishery training boats

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