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MacGREGOR to deliver innovative stern ramp solution to Statnett

MacGREGOR has supplied a unique stern ramp solution to the 87m offshore/RoRo vessel Elektron, which will operate along the Norwegian coastline for national power company Statnett Statnett 87m newbuilding offshore/RoRo vessel Elektron will feature a unique stern ramp solution from cargo access specialist MacGREGOR. The 16m-long ramp was built in two parts and delivered with four hinged sections. It can take a load of 500 tonnes and has a maximum opening breadth of 12m and a clear opening height of 10m. Operation of the ramp in most instances is via a programmed sequence using a PLC unit.

MacGREGOR won the contract for the equipment in 2006, and was selected early in the project planning phase because it could offer an innovative solution to meet the varied needs of the vessel end user, Norwegian operator Statnett.

Statnett owns and runs large sections of Norway main power grid and the Norwegian sections of power lines and subsea cables to other countries. It will use Elektron to repair and change transmission systems along the Norwegian coast. There are about 60-70 of these systems along the coastline, but as only a limited number of repairs are required, the vessel is also designed to repair electric cables on the sea floor and to carry a variety of RoRo cargoes.

During cable repairs, a vertically-stored stern ramp gets in the way of operations, therefore MacGREGOR designed an alternative solution, says G¶ran Hugon, sales manager at MacGREGOR. We supplied a stern ramp which is fitted into a frame, enabling the owner to lower the ramp down on to the deck. This is achieved by having hydraulic cylinders that can be repositioned. Also, each of the ramp outer sections can be operated individually to suit different quays.

Elektron was delivered from Norwegian shipyard, Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk AS that has long experience in building small special ships.


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G¶ran Hugon, Sales Manager, MacGREGOR RoRo Division
Tel: +46 31 850 812


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