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HIAB Loader Cranes launches CombiDrive² – the next generation in control


Hiab's HiPro control system has been upgraded with a new first-class control unit - CombiDrive². This control unit offers a new, class-leading generation in remote control systems, giving operators a safer, more accurate and user-friendly means of control than any comparable system on the market today.

CombiDrive² builds on the success of HIAB's proven CombiDrive control unit, but introduces some important new developments such as three interactive display screens that give the operator an instant assessment of the crane's operational information.

Ergonomic design has been given careful consideration, and all functions on CombiDrive² have also been bundled intuitively in a set of customizable menus, accessible at the click of a button. CombiDrive² also features BluetoothTM wireless connection between the crane and the control unit.

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