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HIAB XS 166 MEWP – doing tunnelling work


Deep in the primary rock beneath AlbaNova at Roslagstull in Stockholm, Vejdekke is constructing something that at present most closely resembles an underground cathedral with a height of eleven metres from floor to ceiling. Once everything is finished in six years' time, and a million cubic metres of blasted rock have been removed, there will be more than four kilometres of road tunnel in the Norra Lnken (northern link) motorway here. The tunnel driving itself is expected to be completed next year.

Two injector vehicles are in use in the Norra Lnken project. One of these has just been taken into service and is a 4-axle Mercedes Actros 4141 equipped with a HIAB XS 166 E-4 HiPro.

"We have another crane on the older vehicle, but when we needed an additional crane, the manufacturer of that model was unable to meet the new MEWP requirements that now apply across the EU to cranes equipped with aerial work platforms," explains Peter Antonsen. "So we decided on a Hiab instead, and the actual model was determined by its reach. A quite small electric pump takes care of the control hydraulics. We use it only as a personnel hoist."

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