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Kalmar's 4,500th straddle carrier was delivered to Bremerhaven


Press release, January 7, 2009
Cargotec Kalmar business area delivered its 4,500th straddle carrier to EUROGATE at Bremerhaven, Germany in December 2008.

This landmark machine is a Kalmar 7th generation ESC440W straddle carrier equipped with additional special options, including an ultra low noise insulation package, a soft landing system and automatic container picking system that minimises noise generated in container handling. The machine features an electrically controlled engine, which lowers exhaust emissions and reduces fuel consumption – making it environment-friendly as well as cost-effective.

Bremerhaven has witnessed a significant increase of 50 per cent in container throughput during the last three years and currently handles 5.6 million TEU annually. EUROGATE has consequently increased its fleet of Kalmar straddle carriers to keep the containers moving.

Emanuel Schiffer, President, EUROGATE, said:
“Straddle carriers have always been the best option for our Bremerhaven operation when we have examined local circumstances, labour costs and land use. During the years, we have also noticed that it is easy to react to economic ups and downs with a flexible straddle carrier operation.

“Kalmar straddle carriers have a reputation for good product reliability, which is imperative for our productivity. Bremerhaven plays an important role in Germany exports, therefore we cannot compromise on reliability.

Environmental issues are important to us. Our biggest challenges in Bremerhaven are fuel utilisation, controlling emissions and noise protection. Noise protection efforts are especially important when we work close to cities. Kalmar fulfils these requirements well. At the moment, we are investigating the possibility of using hybrid straddle carriers.

Emanuel Schiffer President, EUROGATEand Jorma Tirkkonen, Vice President, Kalmar Container Crane System Division

Ilkka Annala, Vice President, Kalmar Straddle Carriers:
We are happy to celebrate the delivery of our 4500th straddle carrier to Bremerhaven. Kalmar started its container straddle carrier business with BLG in Bremerhaven in Germany in 1977 and now celebrated the handover of the straddle carrier number 4500 in the same port with EUROGATE Bremerhaven, MSC Gate and NTB. It is not a secret that continuous interaction with the Bremerhaven terminal has improved our products during the 30 years of cooperation.

EUROGATE awarded Kalmar a contract for the supply of 48 ESC440W machines last April and straddle carrier number 4,500 was handed over as a part of this delivery. 22 units were ordered for EUROGATE Container Terminal in Bremerhaven, and 13 straddle carriers for EUROGATE Container Terminal in Hamburg. Another 13 units were ordered for the MSC Gate Bremerhaven terminal, a joint venture between EUROGATE and one of the world largest container carriers, Mediterranean Shipping Company.

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Kalmar is a global provider of container and heavy duty materials handling equipment, automation applications and related services. It is the world's leading supplier of cargo handling equipment to ports, terminals and intermodal facilities.

Every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is handled by a Kalmar machine. The company also supplies a wide range of machines to demanding industrial customers for applications as diverse as handling steel and paper to shunting road trailers at distribution hubs.

Kalmar is also leading the way in port automation applications with its application of unmanned container handling technology, on-board smart features and remote maintenance products developed in cooperation with customers and partners.

Kalmar's product range is complemented by a large range of value added services such as maintenance contracts and fleet management. Production plants are situated in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and the USA. Kalmar's net sales were EUR 1.343 billion in 2007.
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