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First conversion project for COREX car deck panels

The first conversion project using replacement hoistablecar decks based on MacGREGOR new COREXu201e panels will provide weight savings ona 1979-built local ferry

In March the 42m vehicle/passenger ferry Sam-Sine,which operates to the island of Sams¸ in Denmark, is going to be lengthened by 5m. The742gt ship also needs to be modified to fulfil Solas requirements for damage stability.The main factor behind operator Sams¸ Linien specification of hoistable car decksbased on MacGREGOR new lightweight COREX panels was to obtain a weight reduction,as well as the need for a larger free height above and below the hoistable car deck.

By substituting the existing hoistable deck with a 30m-long2.4m-wide version constructed of COREX panels, a weight reduction of 10 tonnes and extrafree height will be obtained. As the COREX deck is made of stainless steel the owner isalso calculating on a reduction in maintenance costs.

MacGREGOR new COREX panels have a wide range ofpotential applications in the shipbuilding industry, but the first is to use them forfixed and hoistable car decks/ramps. Car decks based on COREX panel construction areparticularly suitable for RoRo modernisation, as well as newbuilding installations.

Car decks built from COREX panels have substantiallyreduced profiles approximately one-third the depth of traditional steel decksand are about half the weight of conventional car decks.

The low deck profile makes a variety of conversionopportunities possible. These lead to a complete re-think about second-hand values ofvarious ships, as well as when considering what ships are available/possible for differenttrades and for seasonal variations.

The standardisation and modularity of a car deck built fromCOREX panels permit short lead times for conversion projects.



  • low profile
  • low weight
  • flatness
  • practically maintenance-free
  • short delivery time because of modularity.


  • increased revenue
  • increased vessel value
  • increased payload (number of cars/passengers)
  • reduced off-hire during conversion.

COREX is a trademark of the MacGREGOR Group


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