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Emmie keeps hydraulic oil clean

At SMM, MacGREGOR is introducing Emmie, a mobile system for cleaning hydraulic oil on board by removing particles and water, reducing operating costs and the chances of hydraulic equipment failure

Emmie is a portable separator system for cleaning hydraulic oil on board. The equipment can be used as a clarifier to remove particles, or as a purifier also to separate water from the oil. It is hooked to a hydraulic oil tank through two hoses, and a pump circulates the oil through a heater and separator.

A clean hydraulic oil system gives lower operating costs and higher profitability through extended hydraulic oil life time, reduced filter cartridge consumption, less component wear and spare parts consumption. And, of course, less unplanned downtime of the equipment.

Hydraulic equipment failure caused by pilot valves sticking is in many cases a direct result of fine particles in the oil. The smallest particles - of less than 5 microns - are the worst problem, and it is not economical to catch such small particles with a filter. Emmie removes more than 99 per cent of all particles in the 2 - 5 micron range. The separator also removes virtually all water, even at high water contents, without removing the oil additives.

The MacGREGOR marine version of Emmie is an Alfa Laval separator. As well as being suitable for MacGREGOR cargo access equipment, it can also benefit other hydraulic systems on board, such as thrusters, CP propellers, winches, deck cranes, stabilisers, stern tube lube oil, etc.

The Emmie equipment can be purchased through all local MacGREGOR offices.

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