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MacGREGOR initiates replacement of fully automatic twistlocks


Combination hatch cover sets for Sietas heavy lift series

Folding-type, stacking-type and pivoting-type hatch cover sets from MacGREGOR will contribute to the safety and cargo handling efficiency of the latest heavy lift tonnage ordered from the JJ Sietas yard by German specialist operator SAL

Four 12,000 dwt Type 176 heavy lift cargo ships (plus two options) due for handover from the Hamburg yard of JJ Sietas in 2008/2009 will strengthen a modern SAL fleet which currently comprises some 14 vessels delivered by the same builder. Equipped with cranes two SWL 700 tons and one 350 tons - the ships are deployed in transporting heavy and awkward project cargoes, mainly from Europe to the Arabian Gulf and Far East.

Experience in designing and supplying hatch covers for the SAL/Sietas tonnage commissioned in the past 10 years will be applied by MacGREGOR to benefit the latest projects.

Safe and efficient cargo handling, with increased operational flexibility, will be smoothed by folding-type and stacking-type covers for a weatherdeck hatch measuring 107.1m long x 17m wide.

The high-stowing Foldtite cover element, operated by external hydraulic cylinders, will comprise four panels extending over around 26.5m length of the hatch; and the six-panel stacking element (two hoistable and four rolling panels) will extend over around 80.6m of the hatch length.

Foldtite and stacking covers are respectively designed for uniformly distributed payload ratings of 3 tonnes/m2 and 5 tonnes/m2 , and for three-layer container stack loadings of 50 tonnes/20ft units and 70 tonnes/40ft units.

MacGREGOR weatherdeck outfit is completed by a pivoting-type hatch cover offering a clear opening 4.4m long x 10.5m wide. Operated by external hydraulic cylinders and cleated manually, this non-weathertight single panel will stow in between the Foldtite hatch cover end hinges.


For further information, please contact:
Mr Hans Berg, Sales director, Dry Cargo division, MacGREGOR (FIN) Oy
Hallimestarinkatu 6, FIN-20780 Kaarina, Finland
Tel: +358 2 4121 407 Fax: +358 2 4121 256

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