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Shipsets of MacGREGOR cranes and covers specified for six German container ships

5 May 2009

Chinese shipyard Rongcheng Shenfei Shipbuilding has ordered MacGREGOR cranes and lift-away hatch covers for six 3,100 TEU container ships currently under construction at the yard

Cargotec business area MacGREGOR has received over u201a10 million order for the supply of cargo-handling cranes and lift-away hatch covers for a series of six 3,100 TEU container ships under construction at Chinese shipyard Rongcheng Shenfei Shipbuilding Co ltd. MacGREGOR has unrivalled experience in developing marine cargo handling and offshore load-handling solutions, and is part of Cargotec Corporation, the world's leading provider of cargo handling solutions used in local transportation, terminals, ports, distribution centres, and ships.

The six vessels are destined for two German owners: four ships for Nordic Hamburg Shipping NHS GmbH & Co. KG and two for Hansa Shipping GmbH & Co. KG.

Tommi Keskilohko, sales manager for MacGREGOR container ship hatch covers, says that: This is a significant order for MacGREGOR and demonstrates our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to these owners, right from the concept stage. This provides the most effective design available and ensures one reliable partner for the yard and owner.

The vessels Maxbox-type design was developed by German company ABH Ingenieurtechnik. MacGREGOR has enjoyed a long and successful technical co-operation with ABH Ingenieurtechnik design office, he adds.

MacGREGOR scope of supply for each vessel includes:
four electro-hydraulic cranes: three type GL4528.5/4031-2 cranes with a SWL of 45 tonnes at 28.5m outreach and SWL 40 tonnes at 31m outreach; and one cylinder luffing crane (type LC3527/3029.5-2) with a SWL of 35 tonnes at 27m outreach and a SWL of 30 tonnes at 29.5m outreach.
design and key components for 30 lift-away hatch cover panels covering the 10 cargo holds (three panels for each)

Tore Jonsson, sales manager for MacGREGOR cranes says: Both the GL and LC cranes are well-proven in operation and boast excellent positioning performance. They have a long outreach and a weight-optimised robust design, and the machinery is weather-protected inside the crane house.

The cranes will be fitted with control system developed by MacGREGOR, which ensures smooth, fast and stepless crane control. This means that, at given capacities, the cranes can operate at full speed and load using all hoisting, luffing and slewing movements at the same time.

The cranes will be manufactured at MacGREGOR long-standing Chinese partner Luzhou Machine Works and delivery for all MacGREGOR equipment is planned for between 2010 and 2012.

Caption: MacGREGOR GL-cranes well-proven in operation and boast excellent positioning performance

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For further information please contact:
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Tommi Keskilohko, sales manager, Hatch covers
Tel: +358 2 4121 440


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