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Chinese yards order 34 of MacGREGOR's new bulk carrier cranes

Increasing interest in bulk carrier tonnage ordered at Chinese yards is fuelling further orders for MacGREGOR's new 30-tonne GLB-2 bulk crane which sets new standards in specification, performance and reliability

MacGREGOR Cranes has secured contracts for 34 of its new GLB-2 bulk crane for series of bulk carriers recently contracted by Chinese shipyards. All the cranes are GLB 30/26-2 and 30.5/26-2 models with a lifting capacities of 30 and 30.5 tonnes respectively at a maximum 26m outreach.

At the NanTong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co Ltd (NACKS) shipyard, four bulk cranes will be fitted to each of three 49,000 dwt and each of four 55,000 dwt bulk carriers. Two ships are for Nanjing-based Jiangsu Ocean, one ship is for Dalian Singapore International Corporation, two ships are for COSCO Tienjin, and two are for COSCO Qingdau. In addition, the Wenchong shipyard near Guangzhou City has ordered six cranes for a pair of 27,000 dwt vessels contracted for German owner Reederei Manfred Lauterjung.

China's success in winning orders for handysize bulkers (around 50-55,000 tonnes dwt) and 'laker' size vessels (around 35,000 tonnes dwt) is of particular interest to MacGREGOR. Typically, these sizes of bulk carriers incorporate up to four bulk-handling cranes. This trend fits well with MacGREGOR Cranes' policy of building such cranes in China at the L¼zhou Machine Works in partnership with the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC).

The GLB-2 bulk crane is a two-wire model with a maximum hoisting capacity of 30 tonnes, and is available with a range of jib lengths from 18m to 30m. Optional equipment includes electro-hydraulic motor grabs of any type to handle all kinds of bulk cargo.

Proven features

The new crane incorporates proven features from existing MacGREGOR-Hgglunds crane types, but also benefits from new design techniques and component philosophy to significantly reduce operating cost. The GLB-2 introduces a new standard in bulk handling cranes by offering many advantages over competing designs.

At the heart of the design are three independent closed-loop hydraulic systems for reliable and independent luffing, slewing and hoisting operations. These systems are controlled by MacGREGOR Cranes' market-leading CC2000 computer-based control system. This ensures better operational control with optimum performance, reliability and ease of maintenance.

The GLB-2 follows an established modular design concept, with all machinery weather-protected within a spacious crane-house. This allows easy access for maintenance, survey and ease of future service. The jib is of box-girder construction manufactured from standard steel to simplify repair if damaged.

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