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MacGREGOR Group gets new chairman of the board

Ove Mattsson
Ove Mattsson

Ove Mattsson has been appointed chairman of the MacGREGORGroup's board of directors. Until the second half of last year he was a member of AkzoNobel management, and had operational responsibility for Akzo Nobel Coatings, theworld leading producer of paint with net sales of approximately 5.5 billion Euro.

All his professional life, Ove Mattsson has worked in thesame group, Akzo Nobel, formerly Nobel Industrier. In 1978 he was appointed managingdirector of the subsidiary company Casco, a producer of adhesives, adhesives systems andpaint. Following Nobel Industrier's financial crisis in 1991, he became CEO and carriedout a radical reconstruction of the company. It led, among other things, to the merger ofNobel Industrier chemicals and paint divisions with the Dutch chemicals group Akzo.

Ove Mattsson is now active on a number of boards in Swedenand abroad. He is, for example, chairman of the Personal Chemistry company in Uppsala.


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