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MacGREGOR equipment outfits serve multi-purpose pair from Qingshan

A pair of 6,750 dwt general cargo/container ships building in China feature a range of MacGREGOR equipment, including hatch covers, cranes and an outfit of container securing devices

Deck cranes and folding and lift-away hatch cover sets from MacGREGOR are specified to enhance the handling efficiency and flexibility of two general cargo/container ships building in China for Syria-based Al Sham Shipping Company.

Cargo versatility is sought from the 6,750 dwt pair commissioned from the Qingshan yard to a design developed by the Marine Design & Research Institute of China. Stowage is arranged in three holds the largest equipped with a tweendeck with a total container capacity of 664 TEU provided in the holds (168 TEU) and on deck (496 TEU).

The forward hold is specified with a lift-away weathertight cover on the weatherdeck providing an opening 6.3m long x 7.8m wide. The single panel is designed for a uniformly distributed load of 1.75 tonnes/m² (weather load) and 2.2 tonnes/m² (pay load), and a three-tier container stack load of 45 tonnes/20ft units. Sealing between cover and coaming will be effected by rubber packing of the MacGREGOR FlexSeal type.

High-stowing folding cover sets, operated by external hydraulic cylinders, will serve Nos 2 and 3 weatherdeck hatches. Hatch cover No 3 trailing pair is operated by means of bell crank arms located next to the longitudinal coaming. The cover for No 2 hatch comprises 2+2 panels, stowing in pairs fore and aft to offer an opening 25.2m long x 16m/6.2m wide; and the 2+4 panel set for No 3 hatch will provide an opening 44.1m x 16m/10.52m.

These Foldtite weathertight covers are designed to accept the same uniform loadings as the lift-away panel for No 1 hatch but higher container stack load ratings: up to 60 tonnes/40ft and 45ft units.

Sealing between hatch cover and coaming, and between the hatch cover panels, will be achieved by MacGREGOR sliding-type rubber packing.

An outfit of nine lift-away panels will form a tweendeck level in No 3 hatch, yielding openings 44.1m long x 16m/10.52m (area covered by panels) and 46.2m x 16m/10.52m (free area on tanktop). A single-tier container load of 30 tonnes/20ft unit and 45 tonnes/40ft unit can be accepted by the cover, which has a uniform load rating of 3 tonnes/m² (payload).

The tweendeck panels will rest on foldable supports arranged in recesses in the longitudinal bulkheads, and it will be possible to create vertical bulkheads at two positions using designated panels. Bulkheads are created by one long and one short tweendeck panel. The bulkhead height is approximately 9m.

Cargo handling will be executed by two MacGREGOR deck cranes mounted on the port side, each GL-type unit designed for a capacity of 45 tonnes at an outreach of 26m or 40 tonnes at 30m.

MacGREGOR dovetail container sockets are used on the weatherdeck hatch covers with lashing D-rings. Container fittings with sideplate drainage holes are integrated into the tweendeck steel structure. MacGREGOR is also supplying a comprehensive outfit of container securing devices.

For further information, please contact:

Mrs Inger Modin
Communicator, Cranes Division
MacGREGOR Cranes AB, Bjornavagen 14, SE-891 85 Ornskoldsvik, Sweden
Tel:+46-660-294 000 Fax:+46-660-124 55

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