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More Japanese car carriers fit Cargotec MacGregor electric drives


Cargotec rig and platform work includes 300 winch installations

21 October 2009

Over the past few years Cargotec has been extremely active in the offshore market delivering products and service; for example, over 300 MacGregor winches are now installed on oil rigs and

Delivering products and services to oil rigs and platforms has been important work for us locally in Norway during 2009, and has made a very important contribution to our business, says G¶ran Johansson, sales manager, Cargotec marine service in Bergen. Many of the biggest oil rig managers are based in Bergen and Stavanger, and the most active yards carrying out major rig overhauls and repairs are located on the Norwegian west coast.

Cargotec has also recently opened a new 1,200m2 workshop at …gotnes, about 25km to the west of Bergen, where it can overhaul and test winches, cranes, subsea valve pods, accumulators, cylinders, motors and pumps. In addition to the workshop, there is also a project department that can undertake major upgrades, including offshore installation and commissioning work.

Our skilled engineers work closely with the owners, managers and yards on large oil rig overhauls, upgrades and repairs. This could be anything from hydraulic piping projects, hydraulic power packs, watertight doors, subsea valve pods, blow-out preventer (BOP) carrier upgrades, to winch overhauls. Everything related to either mechanical or hydraulic lifting are within our scope of supply. Cargotec long lifecycle experience has also resulted in the ability to offer our customers MacGregor inspection and maintenance agreements on different levels for all our products, Mr Johansson adds.

Cargotec range of innovative offshore load-handling solutions includes its MacGregor marine, offshore and subsea cranes with active heave-compensation (AHC), fibre rope handling systems for ultra deepwater load-handling, complete subsea load-handling systems, sophisticated rescue- and deck-handling equipment, advanced winches and related services.


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Caption: Cargotec skilled engineers work closely with the owners, managers and yards on large oil rig overhauls, upgrades and repairs

For further information please contact:
G¶ran Johansson, Sales Manager, Marine Service, Tel. +47 92 05 83 40

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