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New Hiab remote control unit CombiDrive² with eight levers


Hiab's HiPro series increases efficiency with eight lever remote control CombiDrive². The new CombiDrive² makes controlling of cranes using more than six functions easier and more user-friendly. Robust, ergonomic design makes CombiDrive² a perfect work mate for various situations.

The new version of CombiDrive² controls 32 proportional functions and 12 on/off functions. All functions are bundled intuitively in a set of customizable menus. This new feature makes work more efficient and saves time. Moreover, work becomes more convenient when controlling the crane functions can be done with separate levers, not only via the menu-function.

CombiDrive² has received lots of positive feedback from users. Tom Oppegaard is working as a haulage contractor in Oslo, Norway, and describes CombiDrive² as an effective and easy-to-use product.

"My work involves controlling a crane with jib. I use the 7th and 8th function very often, for example when spot placing large window panes or balconies. With the new CombiDrive², it's very practical to be able to use all functions at the same time. Also, the display gives me precise information and makes my job safer and more effective. Both I and my customer save time."

The new eight-levers remote control is intended for cranes with more than six hydraulic functions, for instance when fitted with jib and hoist. The new control unit with eight levers can be used for selected crane models within Hiab's HiPro series.