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MacGREGOR complete catering systems contribute cost savings

Why buy a catering system from MacGREGOR? Because its Passenger Ship division has the best application know-how in-house, and can assist in optimising catering solutions for food and stores flows very early in the ship design or refit stages

MacGREGOR Passenger Ship division offers a comprehensive pre-contractual design service that can often reduce ship procurement costs and ensure better through-life profitability with reduced operating costs.

In the same way that the division analyses passenger flows early in the ship design process when designing elevator arrangements, the catering system design team can participate in analysing food flows. This process starts with provisions storage through to food preparation, distribution and presentation. MacGREGOR then produces pre-contractual proposals for the best food provisions stores and galley equipment layouts, taking into account proven ergonomic and food flow requirements.

Such initial studies are often an interactive iteration process with the owner/operator and the selected shipyard. The resulting design can incorporate a complete catering system solution including the layout of the provisions stores, food preparation areas, galleys, bars and pantries.

After comparing the costs of different options, a detailed technical specification is drawn up to simplify discussions between owner and shipyard through a common understanding of the catering systems. Unless a shipyard or owner specifies otherwise, all solutions proposed will be compliant with the latest rules and regulations, including those of the United States Public Health Service (USPHS), DSV (French rules) and/or others.

Single source of supply

A shipboard catering system will incorporate an extensive range of tailor-made stainless steel cabinets, typically around 65 per cent of the furniture to be supplied. The balance of the scope of equipment supply will comprise third-party components such as dishwashers, ovens and other fixed equipment. These will be installed in galleys, pantries, service buffets and bars. MacGREGOR can also supply all necessary refrigeration machinery within a single scope of supply.

Once a design is agreed and a scope of supply approved, MacGREGOR offers a supply, installation and commissioning compliant with all regulatory requirements. The first stage comprises the supply and installation of foundations, tiles, ceilings and partitions on a complete system basis, under which MacGREGOR is fully responsible for compliance with regulations (such as USPHS, DSV, etc).

By combining the three products provisions stores, refrigeration machinery and galleys owner and shipyard both benefit from MacGREGOR overall responsibility, simple lines of communication, complete supplies, and guarantees of temperature performance throughout the whole provisions flow system. In addition, it is all backed by MacGREGOR worldwide after sales support network.

After an agreed warranty period, MacGREGOR is also in a position to offer an ongoing maintenance support service for all equipment and components. This will include regular periodic surveys and equipment checks to ensure that all equipment remains functional. A planned sequence of surveys and an appropriate mechanism for maintaining and/or upgrading equipment can be negotiated to ensure that the catering system remains fully functional and compliant with the latest food and beverage hygiene legislation.

Combination of team skills is unmatched

MacGREGOR success in providing catering technology solutions centres on the company investment in a team of experts led by four of the most experienced galley and catering system consultants

Heading MacGREGOR catering technology team is Daniel Laine, who is supported by Renata Borean, Claude Carr¨re and Mike Chapman. The combined skills of these four experts is unmatched anywhere else in the marine market.

Customers making contact with MacGREGOR have direct access to these specialists. Without obligation they assist in assessing each client specific requirements and recommend an outline galley and stores room specification. This can then be developed into a detailed design proposal.

Daniel Laine was previously managing director and one of the founders of Tanel International, which was acquired by MacGREGOR in 1999 to form the foundation of its business in the marine galley and catering market sector. In his role at MacGREGOR he heads the catering team as well as being a member of the Passenger Ship division management.

Daniel is a qualified marine engineer but found shipboard catering equipment design and installation sufficiently attractive to make it his preferred career. He worked for a major Finnish marine catering equipment manufacturer before forming a breakaway company which became Tanel International

Renata Borean has eight years of experience in designing galley layouts and assisting shipowners develop appropriate solutions to their requirements and within budgets. She was recruited from an Italian competitor before which she studied languages she speaks English and French as well as her native Italian and design using two- and three-dimensional modelling. She became a specialist designer working on electrical projects, architectural designs and she has also had experience in furniture sales.

Claude Carr¨re catering career began with four years of vocational training in French caf©s followed by time as head waiter at a four-star hotel in the French West Indies. He then joined a catering technology company where he was in charge of providing technical assistance and advice on galley conversions and the application of new cooking technologies. This led to him forming his own company to manage seven restaurants, employing some 32 people and producing 2,500 meals a day. Before joining MacGREGOR, Claude provided technical support to an architect associate with some major galley conversion projects.

Mike Chapman joined MacGREGOR Miami office in April last year. He has some 35 years experience in the design, fabrication and installation of catering equipment. Mike joined MacGREGOR after working for 11 years with three of MacGREGOR main competitors in the US cruise ship market. His expertise covers catering systems design, complete equipment supply, and the supervision of installations. Before working on shipboard systems Mike spent five years designing, fabricating and installing food service equipment in US restaurants, hotels and other catering institutions.

For further information, please contact:

Mr Daniel Laine, Product Manager, MacGREGOR (FRA) SA,
5 bis rue de Bel Air, 44474 Carquefou Cedex, France
Tel: +33 240 305 028 Fax: +33 240 305 091

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