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Kalmar offers efficient solutions to industrial handling applications

Each handling application is unique and the way in which it is resolved varies from industry to industry and country to country. Kalmar Industries does not only have a wide range of fork lift trucks for heavy industrial handling but also has extensive experience and above all the ability to create flexible solutions for each handling situation. Kalmar are close to their customers offering efficient, high-quality service with unsurpassed availability. Investments are now being intensified with regard to European industry, whereby Kalmar is gradually expanding a network of established dealers.

Kalmar trucks are recognised for their quality and high level of availability, as well as providing the market's best driver environment and excellent overall economy. Each machine is built to suit a customers specific needs and is ready to drive from the Kalmar factory.

"Our strength lies in offering complete solutions for industrial handling applications as well as a high quality service," emphasises Mikael Rietz, Kalmar's marketing director for the Industrial Systems sector.

Dealer Network
In order to further develop investments, Kalmar has started working with selected and established dealers. These companies already have good market coverage through the sale of small trucks and other lifting equipment and a well developed service organisation. They are now gaining access to Kalmar's product range of heavy fork lift trucks over 5.5 tons and at the same time creating a much greater chance of active canvassing of the market for Kalmar.

"The network of dealers is being created to suit the circumstances of the market in question," explains Mikael Rietz. In Germany and UK we are combining our own regional salesmen together with dealers and in the UK we have already achieved an increase in sales of 30%. In France we have chosen to work solely with the distribution company Manuloc.

Other advantages of working with dealers are that they can offer a complete range of machines and everything from short or long-term rental packages to outright purchase and individually tailored service solutions.

Ergonomic advantages are always gaining new ground
The truck is the driver's workplace for most of the working day. Kalmar has always focused on the driver and has unceasingly created improvements to make work safer, more efficient and above all less tiring. The Spirit Delta cab launched in the middle of the 1990s is constantly gaining new successes. Good ergonomics and a high level of driver comfort are allowing drivers to cope with the intensive and long, continuous shifts required within the industry.

"The interest in the drivers' working environment and safety issues is spreading, after having formerly been concentrated on northern Europe," says Mikael Rietz.

Kalmar has set a standard which the competitors have not hitherto succeeded in equalling. The driver environment is now increasing in significance in more and more markets.

Kalmar has long held a strong position in heavy industrial handling. A number of interesting orders have recently been placed, demonstrating Kalmar's strength in this sector. Here is a selection:

South Korean army
The South Korean army is choosing Kalmar for handling heavy materials. A specially equipped truck with a 25 ton lifting capacity, reversible driver's seat, and of course camouflage paint. The fact that Kalmar was able to present a high level of specification also contributed positively to the deal.

Steinkohle, Germany
The company has developed from previously having mined coal in its own mines and pits to become a distributor of imported coal. Steinkohle is an old Kalmar customer and it has now purchased six medium range fork lift trucks of 13.6 tons capacity which are to be used at various depots throughout Germany.

The concrete industry in the UK
The production of prefabricated concrete is extensive in the UK. Concrete blocks are handled with Kalmar trucks fitted with clamps. Kalmar is now supplying additional machines to Tarmac and Hanson Concrete Products, two prominent companies in the industry. Tarmac have ordered six 10 ton and Hanson four 9 ton machines.

Timber trading company DLH in Denmark
To reduce the tie up of capital and always have full access to a flexible fleet of trucks, the Danish timber trading company DLH has signed a rental contract with Kalmar's Danish retailer Toyota Truck A/S. The contract covers a total of 37 machines, 14 of which are Kalmar trucks from 5.5 to 9 tons lifting capacity. The contract does not just cover rental but also all maintenance and service work. For this, DLH pays a fixed monthly charge. The content can be adapted to suit new circumstances during the contractual period.

Rågsvedens Såg changes over to new trucks every four years
For the past 25 years Kalmar Sweden has been a loyal supplier of trucks to Rågsvedens Såg. It is now once again time to replace the four sawmill trucks after almost four years of intensive use. They are being replaced by four new Kalmar DCD 136-6 machines, i.e. fork-lift trucks with a 13.6-ton lifting capacity.
"Regular replacement is the best way of always having brand new machines at the lowest overall cost," says Rågsveden's managing director Karl Inge Andersson. "We cannot afford to do otherwise."

In total, Kalmar Sweden has supplied 30 new trucks to Rågsveden Såg AB. This is proof of a good relationship.

Elkems Siliciumverk requires an extreme Kalmar truck
In a flaming cascade of fire, dust and intense heat, a specially built Kalmar truck fitted with an almost five-metre rod methodically performs its work at the smelting furnace. At Elkems Siliciumverk in Bremanger in Norway, 90 per cent purified silicon is produced for the electronics industry, principally in the USA and Japan.

"During roding of the furnace the truck is subjected to extreme stresses," explains Frank Fossedal, purchasing manager at Elkem in Bremanger. "Kalmar trucks have the right qualities for coping with this exposed task."

The rod is repeatedly run into the glowing hot furnace. A cascade of flaming dust and smoke is thrown out towards the machine. The heat is intense.

"Over the years we have tested several machines, but only Kalmar trucks have proven to be sufficiently robust to cope with this task," explains Frank Fossedal.

To cope with the extreme conditions, the Kalmar truck is very special. It has a heat-reducing shield at the front and the tyres are covered to prevent them melting. All standard equipment not required for the truck's task has been removed. These modifications have allowed the risk of incidents to be minimised. A lot of work has also been put in to creating a driver environment which is as safe as possible.

Kalmar reinforcing fleet of rental trucks
Toyota Truck Norge A/S has very extensive rental operations, covering diesel, electric and LPG-powered machines from half a ton upwards. The fleet of trucks includes around 25 Kalmar trucks, ranging from 5 to 45 tons.
"We are now boosting our fleet with the addition of 12 new Kalmar trucks, mainly in order to cope with new, major customers but also to replace some older machines," says Jan Högli, sales director of Toyota Truck Norge A/S.

"During the spring a total of twelve new trucks will be delivered, half of them electric, the rest diesel. Kalmar trucks are all fitted with automatic weighing systems and include reversing cameras to increase safety and accuracy when driving. All trucks are between 5 and 10 ton capacity.

Hasslefors Bruk chooses Kalmar
At the Norwegian company Hasslefors Bruk in Norway, 140,000 m3 of timber is sawn annually. Half of the production is exported to Germany, England, France and the Netherlands. When the mill came to renew its fleet of trucks, an in-depth comparison was carried out of machines available on the market. Kalmar was chosen on the basis of a total appraisal of price, quality and drivers' requirements. Two new 10 ton Kalmar trucks have now been delivered and they are used for loading trucks and handling timber packages with stickers.
"The new Kalmar trucks work well and we are benefiting from having machines with somewhat extra capacity, compared with the loads we are currently handling," says Per Lindseth.

Forestia A/S improving the environment with electric trucks
At Forestia A/S in Braskereidfoss in Norway, over 300,000 m3 of chipboard is produced annually and is delivered in a number of different sizes. Trucks up to 8 tons lifting capacity are used for handling within the plant and loading trucks.

"Kalmar's electric trucks have resolved a major environmental problem when driving indoors," says Rolf Olav Heiberg, Forestia.

Up until last year, Forestia had exclusively used diesel-powered fork lift trucks, which entailed significant problems with exhaust fumes when driving indoors. In 2000, Kalmar Norge A/S offered Forestia a 4.5 ton electric truck for testing purposes. Their experiences were clearly positive. The Kalmar electric truck was perceived to be the best solution.

"The exhaust fumes inside constituted a major problem for us," explains Rolf Olav Heiberg.
"With the electric trucks the problem has been resolved and the indoor environment has improved considerably."

Forestia A/S now has a total of four electrically powered Kalmar trucks: two 8 tonners and two 5 tonners. Handling is now performed using silent, environmentally friendly machines which very much come up to expectations.

Customers documented requirements have led Kalmar Industries to develop a new, intelligent and integrated fork lift truck for efficient and careful handling of paper rolls. The correct clamping pressure at all times, vertical lift, protection against chain slack and accidental opening of the clamp are the new main features.

The objective is to effectively reduce the risk of damage when handling paper rolls on their way from the paper machine, via warehouses and hauliers, to the printing press. A paper roll may be handled up to 20 times before reaching its final destination. Kalmar is now taking advantage of advanced technology to optimise this handling and make it safe.

"Based on the needs of our customers, which have been documented in Finland and Sweden, we have designed a truck which incorporates well-proven systems, an excellent driver environment, integrated functions and excellent overall economy, which is delivered complete from Kalmar Industries," says Stefan Johansson, development manager for the new paper truck.

The first prototype of Kalmar's new paper truck will be tested during the spring at one of the paper mills which have taken part in the customer survey.

For more information please contact:
Mikael Rietz, Sales and Marketing director Industrial Systems
Tel +46 372 26112
Fax +46 372 263 90

Lotta Sundström, Communication Manager
Tel +46 372 26138
Fax +46 372 263 90

Note to Editors
Kalmar is a global provider of heavy duty materials handling equipment and services to ports, intermodal traffic, terminals and demanding industrial customers. Kalmar focuses on supplying handling solutions that enable customers to operate with a high level of efficiency and reliability. Every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is handled by a Kalmar machine. Kalmar provides a large range of value added services such as maintenance contracts and fleet management. Manufacturing plants are situated in Sweden (as is the head office), in Finland, in the USA, in the Netherlands and in Estonia.

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