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Control system upgrade benefits crane efficiency

Shipowners are modernising their cranes by fitting MacGREGOR Cranes latest CC2000 control system, gaining the benefits of easier maintenance, improved operations and enhanced monitoring capabilities

This summer Leif Hoegh upgraded the pair of pedestal-mounted MacGREGOR-Hgglunds TMPL630-1820 cranes on its 10,600 dwt cargo ship Ivory Dawn. The ship was delivered by Shikoko Drydock, Japan, in 1991 and its 18-tonne SWL cranes were originally fitted with an analogue control system that featured five different electronic cards; one benefit of replacing this with MacGREGOR new CC2000 system is that the five cards have been replaced by a single interchangeable card, and therefore only one spare card needs to be carried.

In addition, the new control system provides Leif Hoegh with a detailed analysis of crane operations such as the number of lifts, cycle times, overloads and brake cycles. Such data, combined with comprehensive diagnostic functions, allows the company to obtain an accurate map of a crane long-term performance and current status. This data is then used to plan routine and projected maintenance procedures to ensure each crane availability for service.

The new system facilitates more accurate crane control than was possible with the earlier control system. Also, it allows Leif Hoegh to more accurately tailor each crane operating parameters to suit the ship operating requirements.

A similar modernisation exercise was completed this summer for Yaoki Shipping SA. The shipping company upgraded one set of twin MacGREGOR-Hgglunds pedestal cranes on board the 9,867 dwt Packer. Built in Spain in 1990, Packer was fitted with two twin-pedestal crane sets using 19-tonne TMPS 1920 cranes. One of these twin sets has been modernised with the new MacGREGOR CC20000 control system in an evaluation exercise. The same benefits as those made available to Leigh Hoegh are expected to provide easier maintenance, improved operations and enhanced monitoring capabilities.

The latest CC2000 crane control system also enables MacGREGOR to remotely monitor and analyse a crane performance and the current condition status anywhere in the world, using the latest communications and data recording techniques. Either routinely in accordance with pre-arranged schedule, or if problems are encountered, an operator can simply link the CC2000 unit to a communications medium to enable MacGREGOR Cranes after-sales support team in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, to undertake a comprehensive analysis of a crane status and recent activities. Advice will then be provided for a strategy to ensure a crane continued operation.

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