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Cargotec’s business requires natural resources, and an environmental footprint is created in all steps of our value chain. But we see these challenges as an opportunity to improve our own business and the entire industry.

Cargotec’s biggest environmental impacts are related to climate change and circularity. We also monitor, address and report on other environmental impacts and emissions.

To capture profitable growth through sustainability, we must integrate sustainability into product development and actively promote the sales of our low-carbon and circular solutions. Our eco portfolio, established in 2017, is our most important tool in this work. The portfolio highlights the equipment, services and software that help solve our customers’ sustainability challenges. The share of our eco portfolio sales is closely monitored and in 2023, it accounted for 33% of our total sales. One of our core businesses’ strategic performance targets is to double the eco portfolio sales growth compared to traditional products.

Our eco portfolio solutions represent various ways to drive the transition to a low-carbon and circular world. Besides electrification, we also see automation and connectivity as very promising measures to improve the efficiency of our customers’ operations. For example, software, digitalisation, data sharing and cross-industry collaboration will enable more efficient cargo and load handling. In addition, our modernisation and maintenance services help keep our equipment in use for longer, which saves natural resources but also our customers’ resources.

Through its eco portfolio, Cargotec can contribute to at least two of the environmental objectives of the EU Taxonomy regulation: climate change mitigation and the transition to a circular economy. Our eco portfolio criteria follow the logic of these objectives, and the portfolio consists of two categories: climate solutions and circular solutions. According to the updated criteria, all Cargotec’s eco portfolio equipment need to complete a life-cycle assessment (LCA) done and verified by a third party. Read more in our summary of the updated eco portfolio criteria.

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