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Cargotec’s business requires natural resources, and an environmental footprint is created in all steps of our value chain. But we see these challenges as an opportunity to improve our own business and the entire industry.

Cargotec’s biggest environmental impacts are related to climate change and circularity. We also monitor, address and report on other environmental impacts and emissions.

We strive to be the global leader in sustainable cargo flow, and that starts with our own operations. In addition to climate and circularity, we also monitor, address and report on our other environmental impacts. 

We follow waste, effluents, possible spills and environmental non-compliances in our own operations. In the case of spills, we also monitor incidents at our customers’ sites. Waste generated from our operations is almost entirely recyclable as it mainly consists of metal scrap, wood and paper - the recyclability rate for these materials is over 80%. Our assembly processes are not water intensive, and water is only used for domestic, not industrial purposes.

For more details, see our GRI Index.

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