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Ethics and compliance

At Cargotec, we realise that successful and sustainable business is not only about what we do but also about how we do things. Our Code of Conduct sets the overall principles for how we act in relation towards the environment and society and for how we conduct business in an ethical and responsible way. For us it is important that the principles in the Code of Conduct is implemented and complied with in practice - that we and anyone acting on our behalf live our code of conduct. The practical implementation of our Code of Conduct is guided by our Ethics and compliance framework.

Cargotec does business on a global scale, with sales to over 170 countries and own offices in some 50 countries. Our industry has its fare share of compliance challenges for example relating to doing business in remote locations, bidding for large projects for customers which are governmentally owned as well as the use of sales intermediaries in countries where we do not have our own sales offices. But we want to see these challenges as opportunities, by focusing on ethics and compliance we want to ensure that we can do long-term, sustainable and profitable business and be a trusted company. We want our employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders to consider us as a responsible, safe and transparent company.

Ethics and compliance framework

SpeakUp Line

At Cargotec we take responsibility for how we do business. We are committed to maintaining a transparent business climate and conducting business with respect and integrity.You have a vital role in our success.

Our SpeakUp Line
The SpeakUp Line gives an opportunity to report suspicions of misconduct; anything that is not in line with our company values and policies. For workplace-related issues and complaints, we ask you to contact your supervisor or manager.

Our whistleblowing service is an early warning system to reduce risks. It is an important tool to foster high business ethics and maintaining customers┬┤ and public confidence in us.

When can I use the SpeakUp Line?
The SpeakUp Line can be used to report a concern about something that is not in line with our corporate values and business ethics, and that may affect our company or a person's life or health. Primarily we encourage you to contact a manager in our organisation. If you feel you cannot be open with your information, SpeakUp Line is the option to report your concern anonymously.

Please note that in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Sweden there are restrictions related to reporting concerns stipulated in national legislation.

Your report will be securely handled
The reporting channel is provided by an external partner called People in Touch, to ensure anonymity. The reporting process is encrypted and all reports will be processed in confidence.

How do I submit a report?
Your report is submitted easily and securely by following the instructions in our SpeakUp Line site. You can submit a report both oral and in writing. You do not need proof of your suspicions, but all reports must be made in good faith. You will remain anonymous throughout this dialogue. Within seven calendar days, we may post a response or follow-up question for you. All communication regarding your report takes place via the SpeakUp Line.

Submit a report and follow up your report here.

Thank you for making Cargotec the most trusted company in the industry.

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