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Sustainability governance and reporting

The transformation towards a sustainable future impacts Cargotec’s business, and our business also impacts the world around us in many ways. These impacts are the foundation of Cargotec’s sustainability work.

Cargotec is committed to the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supports the overall objectives of all 17 goals. We have identified six SDGs where our contribution is most significant.


SDG 8: We are committed to respecting human and labour rights throughout our value chain. Safety at our own sites, in the supply chain and in operating our equipment is a top priority to us, and we constantly look for ways to be better.

SDG 9: Our solutions contribute to local and global infrastructure and trade by making logistics processes more efficient, sustainable and safe on roads, in ports, and on seas around the globe.

SDGs 12 and 13: Our equipment, services and software have the potential to drive our industry toward a circular, low-carbon economy through, for example, electrifying our offering and developing circular business models.

SDGs 16 and 17: We engage in partnerships and initiatives that advance sustainable development and innovation. We have high standards for our compliance performance and are committed to preventing unethical behaviour in our value chain.

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