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Sustainability governance and reporting

The transformation towards a sustainable future impacts Cargotec’s business, and our business also impacts the world around us in many ways. These impacts are the foundation of Cargotec’s sustainability work.

We have identified those sustainability topics that are most relevant - material - to our business, and where our potential and actual impacts are most significant. These topics form Cargotec’s sustainability agenda, which covers the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of sustainability.


  • Climate change
  • Circularity


  • Human rights
  • Health & safety
  • Diversity, equity & inclusion


  • Business ethics
  • Responsible sourcing.


Cargotec's sustainability agenda

Cargotec’s sustainability work supports the company’s breakthrough objectives of profitable growth and sustainability. We do this by having an offering - our eco portfolio - that helps solve our customers’ sustainability challenges and drives the transition to a circular, 1.5°C world. 

But if we want to call ourselves a sustainable company, these environmental ambitions must be founded on social responsibility and ethical and transparent governance.

In addition, we look beyond our own operations and strive to make sure that all aspects of sustainability are considered throughout our value chain, from design and sourcing to product use and end-of-life.



Cargotec’s material sustainability topics are identified in a materiality analysis. In this process, we engage with internal and external stakeholders to understand their thoughts and concerns while thoroughly evaluating the impact of each topic included in the analysis. During 2023, we conducted a double materiality assessment to confirm our sustainability agenda and our material topics.


Net impact: the Upright Project

To better understand our concrete impacts on our stakeholders and to report more transparently, we have collaborated with the Upright Project since 2020. For a detailed analysis of our net impact, see Cargotec’s Upright profile here. 

The Upright model quantifies a company’s net impacts by using machine learning-based technology that processes information in millions of scientific articles, which is one way to measure and follow up on the organisation’s impact and value creation. To get a better understanding of the impact model please visit

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