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We are committed to solve industry-wide sustainability issues through intelligent solutions, making use of data and robotics. Cargotec is not just an equipment provider - much of our business focuses on digitalisation, equipment connectivity and intelligent solutions. In enabling the efficient flow of information between people and systems, many of our solutions form a part of knowledge infrastructure, ie. the backbone of equipment and systems through which the digital economy performs and the digitalisation of cargo handling is made possible. In particular, our freight management, optimisation and automation software ensure timely and smooth cargo handling operations.

As new technologies (AI, robotics, automation, etc.) are transforming the industry, we believe that continuous investments in innovations are a prerequisite to longterm success. Boosting the industry knowledge contributes to solving the climate crisis.

We invest in industry innovation and transformation in order to secure our long-term success and retain our leadership position in the industry. In 2021, research and development investments focused on themes supporting climate targets such as digitalisation, electrification, automation and robotisation as well as projects that aim to improve the competitiveness and cost efficiency of products. New innovations and business models are developed through our Digital Solutions Hub, Emerging Business Accelerator and world-class R&D functions. 

Cargotec requently collaborates with universities and other research institutions around the world. This collaboration provides a strategic framework for greater cooperation between both organisations in the areas of workforce training, graduate talent pathway development, joint sponsorship initiatives as well as research and innovation projects. 

Cargotec Digital Solutions Hub (DiSH) creates data-driven software and services for intelligent cargo handling for Cargotec business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor. By using cutting-edge cloud technologies and industry best practises, DiSH drives digital transformation and accelerates the development of software solutions across Cargotec. Recent DiSH projects include MacGregor OnWatch Scout condition monitoring solution, which transforms the predictive maintenance of maritime equipment, and Kalmar Insight performance management tool for cargo handling operations, which turns data into actionable and impactful insights. 

Cargotec Emerging Business Accelerator unit (EBA) focuses on driving future growth and business innovation development hands-on together with all Cargotec businesses. The unit does this by providing business and service designers and product owners to work on new initiatives. Previously, the EBA accelerated MacGregor Onwatch Scout, and recently it helped to bring the Kalmar Remote Services and MacGregor’s simulator offerings rapidly to the market. At the core of the EBA method are modern, systematic ways to investigate, build, and scale both internal and external new products or services. In addition, the unit leads collaboration with startups and industry-leading peer companies to drive an entrepreneurial and customer-centric culture within Cargotec.

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