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Offering for eco-efficiency

Cargotec is a pioneer in eco-efficient product design and efficiency-driving solutions. Our products and solutions help customers decrease fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and improve their competitiveness with heightened operational efficiency. We aim to cut out all unnecessary container moves in cargo handling and minimise the environmental impact per moved container.

We know that the fight against climate change is far from over. Our aim is to set the industry standards higher, boost eco-efficiency across our industry, promote the circular economy and identify new business opportunities in the environmental industry.

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Our offering helps process efficiency and visibility by identifying the inefficient use of resources with solutions such as MacGregor PlusPartner and Navis Automation. Our solutions support operations in growing environmental industries, and our technology enables greatly improved fuel efficiency. Also, our services can extend product lifecycles with, for example, product conversions and modernisations.

Offering for eco-efficiency; evaluation process

Cargotec’s business areas’ products and solutions that contribute to eco-efficiency of the usage phase, have been identified. The products and solutions in the portfolio have been categorised as follows, according to the benefits they enable:

Cargotec has clear criteria for placing products and solutions into each of these categories. The business area R&D executives participate in the selection process. To ensure that the portfolio is in tune with rapidly developing technology and growing awareness of environmental impact, the portfolio criteria is evaluated annually and approved by Cargotec’s CEO and Senior Vice President, Strategy. The whole offering was audited externally during 2017.

Systems efficiency

Cargotec’s offering includes software, terminal operating systems, and cargo stowage systems that increase visibility, identify potential inefficiencies and help plan holistic improvements to increase the efficiency of resources used in cargo handling.

For example, Kalmar’s automated terminal solutions optimise the capacity of cargo handling equipment by decreasing inefficient moves and operations in the cargo handling chain. MacGregor’s PlusPartner concept plans the optimal design of a ship to carry more cargo. It ensures that the total capacity of the ship is utilised and decreases the amount of unnecessary back and forth piloting. Optimally balanced containers also require less ballast water.


Product examples

Cargotec offers tailored cargo handling solutions sold to environmental segments as defined by OECD. Our solutions are enabling industries in e.g. renewable energy, pollution management, cleaner technologies and products, as well as in resources management.

For example, Hiab recycling cranes are used to handle scrap metal safely and efficiently. MacGregor mooring systems have been adapted to the world´s first floating wind farming system.

Emission efficiency


Cargotec is the global leader in enabling fuel efficiency with hybrid, electric and energy regeneration solutions in cargo handling.

Currently, emission efficient products with an own power source can enable a fuel decrease of at least 15 percent to up to 100 percent. Products installed on a base product (e.g. truck) can enable a potential fuel decrease of at least 10 percent and all way up to 30 percent, compared to standard products on the market. Electric products used in marine environment do not require hydraulic oil, whereby their use can eliminate oil leakage risks in marine operations.

For example, Kalmar’s hybrid and electric rubber tyre gantry cranes, straddles and reachstackers sold in 2008–2016 can enable fuel reductions in a range of eight million oil barrels during their operational lifetime. This equals over three million CO2 equivalent tons, which is more than the annual emissions of cities like Stockholm, Sweden, or Helsinki, Finland.

Resource efficiency


We support resource efficiency and circular economy with our new service offering, with services that enable more efficient usage of existing products or the extension of product lifetime, and also with converted products.

Cargotec services supports circular economy business models with, for example, a new business model of leasing used equipment in terminals, and retrofits such as ship-to-shore crane (STS) upgrades, which decrease the amount of metal used on average by around 95 percent compared to investing in a brand new crane.

Globally, the majority of terminals still use diesel RTG cranes. This presents a huge potential for our RTG electrification business, in which diesel driven RTGs are converted into electric ones.

Product examples

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