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Operational sustainability

At Cargotec, we are continuously working to stay at the top of the game in sustainability. Although the main industrial sustainability impacts occur through our products, we do our best to improve the sustainability performance of our own operations as well. We take the sustainability standards that guide our operations seriously: many issues covered by standards are now a license to operate in the industry.

Cargotec is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and our EHS policy is to promote a high safety level and environmental friendliness in our products, services and solutions. Our goal is to maintain a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and develop best practices for environmentally sustainable operations.

With respect to the changing environment, we continuously work to optimise our production processes and reduce our emissions. One target is to have 50% of the companys' electricity to originate from renewable energy sources by the end of 2021.

On the operational side, several energy saving initiatives were implemented during last year. For example, at the Kalmar assembly site in Shanghai and Hiab’s assembly site in Korea, old inefficient machinery and lighting were replaced, cutting down on energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. More solar panels were installed at the Tampere Competence Centre in Finland and wood pellet combustion was increased at the assembly site in Stargard, Poland. Additionally, separate waste and air emission related targets are set at those sites where waste and emissions have been identified as significant environmental aspects. Those may include changing paintings methods or developing the efficiency of recycling systems.  

All changes concerning our sites and facilities are thoroughly evaluated against their environmental impacts and risks before being put into action. The same process is being applied during acquisition and divestment projects; an external partner evaluates environmental risks and potential non-compliances by performing an environmental impact assessment. These assessments include site inspections, and soil and water sampling if any potential harm is identified.

Eco-efficient products and solutions

The environmental impacts of Cargotec’s own operations are fairly small in comparison to the complete value chain. We therefore put a lot of effort into helping our customers reduce their environmental impact. The biggest emission savings are achieved when using our products and we are striving to continuously grow our portfolio of eco-efficient products and solutions. This portfolio includes electrically driven equipment, digital solutions, automation and services. We are pioneers in sustainable cargo handling and will take our role seriously now and in the future.

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