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Operational sustainability

At Cargotec, we are continuously working to stay at the top of the game in sustainability. Although the main industrial sustainability impacts occur through our products, we do our best to improve the sustainability performance of our own operations as well. We take the sustainability standards that guide our operations seriously: many issues covered by standards are now a license to operate in the industry.

We are committed to international human rights agreements in our operating principles and staff policy and we want to ensure that our employees and candidates are treated with fair practices regarding compensation, career development as well as recruitment.

The implementation of the Code of Conduct and employee policy is conducted for example through HR tools and processes and with personnel trainings. We train our personnel in human rights and equality issues as part of our general Code of Conduct training processes. Additionally, all employees have the possibility to anonymously inform about possible non-compliances through the Cargotec global SpeakUp line. The company has a dedicated organisation that supports the business in ethics and compliance issues.

Employee engagement

We want to be a responsible employer. We conduct our Compass employee engagement survey annually with which we evaluate our employees’ opinions on leadership, team climate, engagement, and insights on employees views about Cargotec social responsibility.

The annual Compass Employee Engagement 2019 survey had a participation rate of 78 percent (2018: 85%). The leadership index in 2019 was 73 percent (2018: 73%), while the team climate index was 77 percent (2018: 77%). Tthe employee engagement index was 67 percent (2018: 67%) but we expect it to grow due to positive development of leadership indices. The positive score development results from the systematic leadership development. The target remains to utilise our survey data results in developing HR strategies and targets, and when planning actions to increase performance in areas that score below the average.

The results from Compass survey guide the development of our HR strategies. Based on the results of the survey, managers in each business area organise feedback sessions and draw action plans with their teams. The progress of 1–3 key action points is followed throughout the year.We believe that with good leadership we can increase the engagement and performance of our teams and reaching our targets.

Harmonised processes and tools

Our online Human Resources Information System ZONE provides access to harmonised HR policies, processes and tools across the entire company. ZONE is a transparent tool that helps us to ensure a better quality of HR data and personnel management methods. ZONE is also the main platform for planning and analysing our personnel-related activities, such as an annual performance management process, people and organisational development needs, both external and internal recruitment, salary and incentives, including bonus programmes, and ensuring a fair and equal treatment of our employees globally. By leveraging ZONE in all our recruitment efforts, we expect to significantly improve our internal job rotation to build up engagement

Our performance management is based on the performance and development plan (PDP) concept and process. PDP is our primary leadership process that connects strategy to individual development plans and the targets set for our employees. It is a systematic and regular process used in our personnel performance and career development review, during which the principles of our Code of Conduct are also regularly discussed. Through PDP, employees participate in and contribute to organisational improvement. In 2019, the PDP completion rate was 92 percent.

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