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Sustainability at Cargotec

Sustainability is an enormous business prospect for Cargotec

Sustainability is an enormous business prospect for Cargotec. The future growth in our business comes from increasing demands for operational efficiency, the proliferation of lifetime solutions and from increasing cargo volumes.

We serve industries that cover the majority of the world's gross domestic product (GDP). This gives us potential to enable increased welfare globally.

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Offering for eco-efficiency
We can promote global eco-efficiency with our offering, as our customers - producing a large share of global GDP and welfare but also global emissions - can limit their emissions with the use of our products.

We have introduced an offering for eco-efficiency. Products within the portfolio can benefit customers’ operational, emissions or resource efficiency. In environmental industries, our products and solutions can enhance the industry efficiency.

Our strategy guides our sustainability work
Services development and digitalisation are at the core of our strategy. As a global forerunner, we can shape the industry by driving higher sustainability standards and promoting the circular economy.

Digitalisation presents optimisation opportunities, which we believe will be vital in increasing eco-efficiency. In our expanding service business, the new business models have been built according to the principles of the circular economy.

Diversity and inclusion

Cargotec supports diversity and inclusion and has signed the Diversity charter Finland to reflect that commitment. The charter is hosted under the EU Platform of Diversity Charters created in 2010. Diversity Charters encourage organisations (NGOs, public bodies, private companies) to develop and implement diversity and inclusion policies. By signing a charter, the organisation voluntarily commits to promote diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, regardless of, for example, age, disability, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. Becoming a signatory to a Diversity Charter provides for example access to vast peer network, publications and supporting tools for benchmarking, measuring and monitoring.

We, at Cargotec, support diversity by ensuring equal opportunities, rights and treatment for all. Furthermore, as stipulated in the charter, we support fair and inclusive organization, customer orientation, transparent interaction and cooperation, as well as fair management. 

We believe that diversity is a driver for creativity, innovation, growth and productivity , as it acts as an incentive for individuals to fully reveal their knowledge, competences, talents and skills. By promoting diversity we strive to create a better social climate and overall environment of acceptance and tolerance. By doing so, we also strengthen our reputation as a responsible organization. 

We encourage our partners and contractors to endorse and apply the same diversity standards in their business operations. By signing the Charter we have pledged to develop management and service practices supporting diversity within our own organization. By doing so, we also strengthen our reputation as a responsible organization. Here’s the view of our SVP, HR Mikko Pelkonen on why is diversity and inclusion so important for Cargotec: “””

For more infofmation on the charter please visit here.

The signed charter is available here.


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