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People, health and safety

Sustainability is an enormous business prospect for Cargotec. We are a knowledge and engineering company, and our employees are an integral part of our competitiveness. We trust our people are the key in creating customer value through innovation, experimentation, learning and adapting new
skills in a complex and ever changing world.

Safety, wellbeing, working conditions, and human rights are seen as the most material topics in terms of social and employee matters. Safety covers employee, supplier and subcontractor safety as well as the safety of our products and services.

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Our climate ambition work helps us and our customers to become more sustainable.

Our governance structure and practices are the foundation for conducting business.

We promote high safety levels and work continuously towards zero accident level in all our operations and also through our products, services and solutions. Our employees are trained to operate in a safe manner. Our motto is to put safety first and we strive to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, which has become even more important over the past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing additional focus on health and safety. We follow the recommendations of the authorities across our global organisation, fulfilling all legal requirements and also sharing best practises between the different units, to ensure the health and safety of our employees, partners and customers.

Safety performance is monitored primarily with the industrial injury frequency trend (IIFR,  number of injuries per million hours worked). Cargotec’s safety performance declined slightly in 2021. The Industrial Injury Frequency Rate (IIFR) for Cargotec total, including our assembly sites and non-assembly sites, increased slightly to 6 .0 (2020: 5 .2). The IIFR weakened in the assembly sites and was 7 .3 (3 .4) . The decline was caused by disturbances in the production processes, caused by component shortages. On the other hand, the IIFR figure improved to 5 .3 (6 .2) in service organisations and at the non-assembly sites. Our target for 2021 was to have the IIFR rate less than 5 across the whole organisation. 

Our IIFR target for 2022 is less than 5 across all operations, which is the same as in 2021. We are pursuing this goal with targeted actions and through health and safety policies that encourage proactive reporting and enhance transparency. Our efforts are focused on building a high safety culture, including raising safety performance awareness amongst our employees and establishing an even stronger leadership commitment to safety topics. During the year, we organised various safety campaigns and launched global trainings across the organisation, aiming at strengthening the safety knowledge and culture. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more attention was given to the wellbeing and mental health aspects of our employees. We promote a high safety culture and work continuously towards zero accident level in all our operations and through our products, services, and solutions.

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