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Cargotec’s Code of Conduct and employee policy set the basis for our labour management and recruitment practices.

We are committed to international human rights agreements in our operating principels and staff policy and we want to ensure that our employees and candidates are treated with fair practices regarding compensation, career development as well as recruitment.

The implementation of the Code of Conduct and employee policy is conducted through HR tools and processes and with personnel trainings. We train our personnel in human rights and equality issues as part of our general Code of Conduct training processes. Additionally, all employees have the possibility to anonymously inform about possible non-compliances through the Cargotec global SpeakUp line.

We want to be a responsible employer. We conduct our Compass employee satisfaction survey annually with which we evaluate our employees’ opinions on leadership, team climate, engagement, and insights on employees views about Cargotec social responsibility.

The annual Compass Employee Engagement 2017 survey had a participation rate of 86% (2016: 88%). The leadership index in 2017 was 71% (2016: 68), while the team climate index was 76% (70), the employee engagement index 69% (69) and social responsibility index 79 (79).

The results from Compass survey guide the developing of our HR strategies. We believe that with good leadership we can increase the performance of our teams; hence leadership development is set as one of our must-win battles in our current strategy. During 2016-2017 we have conducted an intensive people leader development programme, through which we aim to establish a more uniform leadership culture at Cargotec.