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Sustainability at Cargotec

Sustainability is an enormous business prospect for Cargotec.

Cargotec’s sustainability work is based on a holistic and balanced approach, taking into account the aspects of environment, people and society, and governance. By being a 1.5 degree company, we strive to create value for all stakeholders. We sense the urgency of climate action and consider the transformation towards a sustainable world as a major phenomenon that will change the whole industry.

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We support transformation into a fair and prosperous society. With our purpose – smarter cargo flow for a better everyday – we drive resource efficiency in our industry, in order to reach a low-carbon economy and thus turn environmental challenges into opportunities. Our climate ambition can only be achieved via inclusive cooperation with all the participants in the value chain. Making the transition just and inclusive for all ties the social and good governance aspects into our climate ambition.

The consequences of climate change are not only environmental, but there are also significant financial and social impacts. To ensure financial stability and global wellbeing also for future generations, it is our obligation to act on climate now.

Cargotec’s main stakeholders are its customers, personnel, suppliers and investors. Other stakeholder groups include authorities, research and educational institutions, industry associations, local communities and the media.  The main stakeholders are identified based on a double principle - both their potential influence on the organization and Cargotec’s possible impact on them. We work closely with our customers, suppliers, personnel and shareholders to ensure we achieve our purpose to provide a smarter cargo flow for a better everyday. 

As a global leader in intelligent cargo flow, we want to address sustainability topics such as circular economy and the climate impact of our industry. By producing stories, articles and other communications content in Cargotec’s digital channels, we have increased awareness of our industry’s role in the climate challenge both internally and within our key stakeholder groups. Cargotec’s business areas have also emphasised eco-efficiency in their marketing and communications content. Visit for more information about the topics.

We uphold an open and transparent dialogue with our various stakeholder groups, actively responding to information requests and proactively providing information on our website, in social media and through various forms of direct communication. Our ongoing dialogue and collaboration with different stakeholders enable us to identify opportunities to create value and provide input for setting our sustainability targets. Integrity, fairness, confidentiality and compliance with stock exchange rules guide all our communications. Examples of our stakeholder interaction:

    • Customers - engaging with our customers to improve the sustainability of their operations with our eco-efficient equipment, digital solutions and services. Our business areas gather customer feedback regularly and engage in active dialogue with customers through direct meetings, marketing, extranet, newsletters and social media, for example.
    • Personnel - promoting high safety levels, diversity, inclusion, equal opportunities and enhancing the competence of our employees. As an employer, Cargotec wants to focus especially on personnel development and creating world-class leadership. Our ways to give voice to employees include regular personal/group discussions between managers and their team members, as well as townhall and personnel meetings, among others, both locally and globally by offering online participation.  
    • Investors - engaging with our investors through events and meetings that enhance the mutual dialogue. Cargotec´s Investor Relations aims to ensure that all market participants have correct and sufficient information at all times to support a fair valuation of Cargotec’s share. 
    • Suppliers - cooperating with suppliers towards achieving our business and sustainability goals. Engagement with the strategic suppliers aims at developing mutually beneficial long-term relationships to deliver greater levels of innovation and competitive advantage.
    • Research and education institutions - Cargotec frequently collaborates with universities and other research institutions around the world. 
    • Local communities - Cargotec´s sites are actively involved in local stakeholder engagement and goodwill. Traditionally, we engage in charity action, especially during the holiday season.
    • Authorities - With our own operations located in 50 countries, we engage with local authorities to ensure regulatory compliance in our operations.
    • Media - clear and accurate communication and disclosure on our activities. Cargotec arranges press meetings in connection with trade events and result publications, among others. We issue dozens of press releases every year covering a wide array of topics.
    • Partners and NGOs - partnering with organisations such as UN, OECD, ILO to promote the principles of sustainable development

See GRI 102-43 for more information here.

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