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Sustainability at Cargotec

Sustainability is an enormous business prospect for Cargotec.

Cargotec’s sustainability work is based on a holistic and balanced approach, taking into account the aspects of environment, people and society, and governance. By being a 1.5 degree company, we strive to create value for all stakeholders. We sense the urgency of climate action and consider the transformation towards a sustainable world as a major phenomenon that will change the whole industry.

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We support transformation into a fair and prosperous society. With our purpose – smarter cargo flow for a better everyday – we drive resource efficiency in our industry, in order to reach a low-carbon economy and thus turn environmental challenges into opportunities. Our climate ambition can only be achieved via inclusive cooperation with all the participants in the value chain. Making the transition just and inclusive for all ties the social and good governance aspects into our climate ambition.

The consequences of climate change are not only environmental, but there are also significant financial and social impacts. To ensure financial stability and global wellbeing also for future generations, it is our obligation to act on climate now.

Value creation

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Net impact

Cargotec participated in the Net Positive Nordics research consortium of the Upright Project in 2020. Upright states their mission is to incentivise companies to optimise their net impact. This means moving from measuring performance to measuring impact - what do we get done with the resources we use.

The net impact is calculated based on the products and services that Cargotec provides, and it takes into consideration the whole value chain. Upright’s net impact model analyses the impact against four dimensions, environment, health, society and knowledge, by drawing from scientific articles. 

Our positive contribution to the society, through improved infrastructure and creation of taxes and jobs, stands out in our profile. This proves that cargo handling equipment is essential to keep modern society running and that we are delivering on our purpose, smarter cargo flow for a better everyday.

Greenhouse gas and other emissions are the biggest negative impact of Cargotec, which is a result of both the manufacturing operations and usage of our products, especially the diesel driven equipment. We have addressed this by setting our climate ambition to be a 1.5 degree company to mitigate the adverse climate impact.

The negative impact in the knowledge dimension arises from our educated personnel who are considered as a scarce resource. However, this negative impact is well compensated with the much higher positive impact on the society dimension. The negative health impact is related to occupational injuries and carcinogenicity of used fossil fuels. With our electrification and automation strategies we are effectively addressing it.

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