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Corporate sustainability governance
Sustainability is on the Board of Director’s agenda at Cargotec, and the Board reviews sustainability on an annual basis. The Extended Executive Board conducts bi-annual sustainability reviews and approves corporate level sustainability targets. Cargotec’s Senior Vice President, Communications is responsible for sustainability issues within the Extended Executive Board.

Business area sustainability governance
To ensure that targets match business area operations, the management teams of Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor hold a sustainability review at least bi-annually for their respective business areas, reviewing and approving possible adjustment needs of the corporate level sustainability targets.

Operational sustainability management
Operationally, sustainability is managed both at a corporate and a business area level over organisational boundaries. Key responsible organisations are units working with strategy, quality, R&D, sourcing, EHS (environment, health and safety), corporate audit, HR and legal issues.The corporate level sustainability targets are proposed, reported on and monitored by Cargotec’s Corporate Responsibility function, and each business area has its own function responsible for coordinating its sustainability work.

The Cargotec Sustainability Council aligns and agrees actions taken on the corporate and business area level related to the development, implementation and follow-up of sustainability targets and policies. The Sustainability Council consists of the Corporate Responsibility function (SVP Communications and Director CR), VP Ethics and Compliance, and the corporate strategy and business area management team members responsible for sustainability issues.