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Calling for industry collaboration

Did you know that every fourth container in the world is moved by Cargotec, by a Kalmar solution? Or that every second ship in the world is equipped with a MacGregor cargo handling solution? Cargotec and its business areas Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor offer products and services that make global trade faster, smarter and more sustainable.


As a technological and market leader, we can shape the way goods and materials are transported globally. However, we believe that over the next five years, digitalisation, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence will completely transform our business and the industry as a whole. The megatrends, such as globalisation, urbanisation and focus on energy efficiency, are changing the cargo logistics. Digitalisation and automation make more efficient processes and data-centric solutions possible.

At Cargotec, we can look back with pride. We have come a long way to make this company what it is today. The future possibilities are even more exciting.

But the decisions and actions that took us here will not necessarily - and most likely - take us to the next level. We need to transform, just like the industry.

For the global logistics chain to be efficient from start to finish, the entire thread must work seamlessly together. But this is not reality yet. The current solutions have been optimised for the needs of individual companies, ships, and ports.

According to a study conducted together with McKinsey in 2016, 17 billion euros is wasted annually in container logistics due to inefficiencies in the chain. So, it is obvious we need to act. We must commit ourselves to improving efficiency, safety and environmental issues, examples being emission reductions, safe and accident-free working environments and optimised cargo flows and load handling.

At Cargotec we focus on products, services and solutions that enhance efficiency across the cargo logistics chain. Cargotec creates solutions that make use of the data available in cargo handling. We are convinced that our industry knowledge, software capabilities and data utilisation will enable new services for cargo flow optimisation.

We take our technology and market leader position seriously, and encourage our fellow peers in the cargo handling industry to join forces in this quest for a better tomorrow. Let’s work together to make a difference, let’s strive towards a more sustainable future.

After all, we are smarter and better - when we work together.

Mika Vehviläinen
CEO, Cargotec

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