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Companies will only survive if they collaborate


In one sense, our industry is not any different compared to others: innovation and collaboration is often done in silos, both within separate companies as well as within their respective industries. This needs to change.


For an industry to really be able to collaborate and innovate together, the first step is to get the companies that form the industry to collaborate within themselves and tear down any silos that prevent them for doing so. At the end of the day, in my opinion, this will be a matter of survival in any ever-changing industry. If a company cannot truly tap in to the knowledge within and efficiently utilise that throughout its organisation, we cannot expect that company to be able to do it on an industry wide level either. Or, as our CEO Mika Vehviläinen once said: “In order to shape the industry, we need to shape ourselves.” I think that says it all.

Any change needs continuous support

For most, this is an ongoing process of change that in many ways will demand a brand new mindset. The power of knowledge can no longer be kept to yourself, but rather the opposite - to share it with others to create real value for the whole value chain, the industry and the ecosystem around it. And - as with any change - it needs to be supported over time to really make the change happen and reach the results we are all looking for.

The change support needed to shape oneself can take many forms, as many of the earlier blog posts in this series have clearly showed. In fact, as employees we are all responsible for continuously supporting the ongoing change within our respective companies. Our leaders are there then to embrace, pursue and drive the change.

Digital platforms are a key enabler

To create a both cost-efficient and inclusive way of working, digital platforms are a key enabler that can support internal collaboration, knowledge sharing and global-wide participation in the own organisation. This will impact and change the way we carry out our daily tasks, how we communicate with each other, how we exchange ideas, knowledge and insights, and how we cooperate to reach the desired results faster.

Digital, cloud-based platforms give us the ability to react faster to changes in the business environment and organisation. These platforms make it possible to provide services on demand, when and wherever they are needed. Most of them are accessible from anywhere, with any device, and support not only the real-time collaboration, but also the cost- and eco efficiency we are seeking. They will help us to drive inclusion, engagement and ability to quickly connect with each other and work together in completely new ways.

However, we need to be aware of that anything that poses a change to the way we work has a presence of a disruptive element. A new digital platform, that undoubtedly supports the changes we want to establish, does not automatically change the behaviours and the way people go about their daily tasks. Change management needed to get our people to fully adopt and change their behaviours must not be underestimated. This is clearly a risk in this context, that needs to be recognised and addressed - continuously over time.

What are your thoughts?

How well is the over-border-collaboration and innovation working in your company? What have you done, or plan to do, to boost the needed knowledge sharing within your organisation? Any thoughts on how we can accelerate the industry collaboration to achieve real benefits for the whole value chain? Please join the discussion with the hashtag #smarterbettertogether.

Companies will only survive if they collaborate

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