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In April 2023 Cargotec's Board of Directors decided to investigate and initiate a process to potentially separate its core businesses Kalmar and Hiab into two standalone companies. Cargotec’s intention would be to separate Kalmar as a new listed company by means of a partial demerger from Cargotec. In February 2024, Cargotec's Board approved a demerger plan concerning the separation of Kalmar into a new listed company. More information.

Announced orders

Announced orders published as stock exchange or press releases are listed here, smaller order releases have been excluded. You can access the original release via the link in the first column. All releases can be found here.


Orders announced in Q1/2024

Date (and booking quarter) Business area Description Country/Customer Value
8 April 2024 (Q1/24) Kalmar six hybrid straddle carriers France/Med Europe Terminal Not disclosed (large order)
3 April 2024 (Q1/24) Hiab WALTCO tail lifts USA/a national discount retailer Large order of EUR 7 million
27 March 2024 (Q1/24) Hiab loader cranes to be used in offshore wind turbines Not disclosed Large order of EUR 5 million
7 March 2024 (Q1/24) MacGregor a 100-tonne active heave-compensated (AHC) crane, a 20T Offshore crane and a 3T deck crane, and MacGregor's OnWatch solution, including 24/7 technical service support worldwide Norway/VARD Not disclosed (large order)
5 March 2024 (Q1/24) Kalmar two new electric AutoStrads™, retrofitting of two existing hybrid straddle carriers USA/APM Terminals Not disclosed (large order)
21 February 2024 (Q1/24) Kalmar two fully electric and eight hybrid straddle carriers The Netherland/Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam Not disclosed (significant order)






​​Date (and booking quarter)Business unit​​​Description​​Country​​​Value
17 Dec​ ​Kalmar ​Fifteen all-electric RTGs ​Greece ​Approximately EUR 20 million
​27 Nov ​MacGregor ​Five sets of Pusnes substructure mooring connection systems including instrumentation for load monitoring. The ballast-stabilised turbine structures will each be equipped with a three-point mooring system employing site-specific anchors ​UK ​Not disclosed
​25 Nov ​Kalmar ​Seven Kalmar rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes and Kalmar service and support ​Morocco ​Not disclosed
​25 Nov ​MacGregor ​Pusnes deck machinery for the following ship types: twelve very large crude carriers (VLCC); four Suezmax tankers; six liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers; one liquefied ethylene gas (LEG) carrier; two long-range 75,000 dwt product tankers and one liquefied natural gas/floating storage regasification unit (LNG/FSRU) carrier. For each deck machinery package MacGregor will be responsible for the design, contract management and the supply of all key components ​South Korea ​Not disclosed
​24 Nov ​MacGregor ​RoRo access equipment packages for a series of two post-Panamax 8,000 lane metre's RoRo carriers. Each package comprise a stern ramp, internal ramps, bulkhead doors and four levels of hoistable electrically-operated car decks ​South Korea Not disclosed
​16 Nov (Q3/15) ​Hiab ​90 HIAB loader cranes and their installation from Coates Hire ​Australia ​​2 million
11 Oct (Q1/15) ​Kalmar ​6 rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes ​Mexico ​Not disclosed
​6 Nov ​Siwertell ​Road-mobile Siwertell 10 000 S ship unloader ​Vladivostok, Russia ​Not disclosed
​2 Nov (Q3/15) ​Siwertell ​ST 940 DOB-type ship unloader ​Taiwan ​Not disclosed
​8 Oct (Q3/15) ​​Kalmar ​23 RTG cranes and 79 terminal tractors ​Colombia ​EUR 45 million
​8 Oct (Q3/15) ​MacGregor ​Anchor handling/towing winch packages for five 48m anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels. Order include a medium-pressure 150-tonne capacity anchor handling/towing winch, a tugger winch, capstan and hydraulic power unit for each of the 48m AHTS vessels, and a 100-tonne capacity anchor handling/towing winch, a tugger winch, capstan and hydraulic power unit for the 40m AHTS vessel ​China ​Not disclosed
7 Oct (Q3/15) ​Hiab ​60 MOFFETT truck-mounted forklifts ​US ​USD 3 million
​7 Oct (Q3/15) ​MacGregor ​Design and delivery of key components and the fabrication of steel structures for the Hatch covers on board six 14,000 TEU container vessels ​Japan ​Not disclosed
​6 Oct (Q3/15) ​MacGregor ​Deck machinery package including a 200-tonne line pull / 300-tonne brake holding anchor handling towing winch, complete with a hydraulic spooling device, as well as Triplex shark jaws and guide pins   ​Not disclosed
​5 Oct (Q3/15) Kalmar ​​Upgrade of eight ship-to-shore cranes (STS) ​​Spain ​Not disclosed
​29 Sep ​Kalmar Eight automatic stacking cranes (ASC) and related automation ​Australia ​Not disclosed
22 Sep ​MacGregor ​Optimised cargo handling systems for five 10,500 TEU container vessels ​Germany ​USD 21 million
​26 Aug ​Hiab ​1,200 HIAB loader cranes India ​Not disclosed

18 Aug (Q4/14
and Q3/15)

​Kalmar ​Two Kalmar DCT80-45E7 empty container handlers, six Kalmar DRT 450 reachstackers and seven Kalmar TT 612d terminal tractors together with ten terminal chassis ​Kazakhstan ​Not disclosed
​17 Aug MacGregor ​Comprehensive RoRo access equipment packages for a series of five post-Panamax 7,800 CEU pure car/truck carriers (PCTCs) ​China ​Not disclosed
​13 Aug (Q2/15) ​Kalmar ​14 Kalmar E-One2 rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) and six Kalmar forklift trucks ​Colombia ​More than EUR 25 million
​14 Jul (Q2/15) ​​Kalmar ​Seven Kalmar Gloria reachstackers for intermodal handling, three Kalmar TT 618i terminal tractors and one Kalmar DCG 160-12 forklift. All of the machines come with an all-inclusive Kalmar Care maintenance contract and service support provided by Kalmar Austria ​Austria ​Not disclosed
​9 Jul ​​Kalmar ​Automated straddle carrier solution Australia ​Not disclosed
​8 Jul (Q2/15) ​​Kalmar ​Retrofitting both electrically and mechanically two ship-to-shore (STS) cranes ​Egypt ​Approximately EUR 3.5 million
​8 Jul ​MacGregor ​Design and key components for hatch covers; deck cranes, electric deck machinery, steering gear, air compressor ​China ​Not disclosed
​7 Jul MacGregor ​Four 20015-6045 LBC cranes ​Singapore ​Not disclosed
​16 Jun ​MacGregor ​Electrically-driven deck machinery, windlasses and mooring winches ​South Korea ​Not disclosed
​11 Jun ​Kalmar ​Nine all-electric rubber-tyred gantry cranes (ERTGs) ​​Greece ​Not disclosed
​11 Jun ​Kalmar ​​Seven further remote control (RC) desks ​Portugal ​Not disclosed
​9 Jun ​Kalmar Two Kalmar automatic stacking cranes (ASCs) ​USA ​Not disclosed
​22 May ​Kalmar ​​Two new Kalmar automatic stacking cranes (ASCs) ​Australia ​Not disclosed
​21 May (Q1/15) ​Kalmar Heightening of three Kalmar ship-to-shore (STS) cranes ​Belgium ​Not disclosed
​20 May ​Kalmar ​​18 rough terrain container handlers ​USA ​Approximately EUR 16 million (USD 18 million)
​19 May ​Kalmar ​Rail-travelling Siwertell type ST 790-D unloader ​Philippines ​Not disclosed
​4 May Kalmar Upgrading seven ship-to-shore (STS) cranes ​Malaysia ​EUR 20 million
​23 Apr (Q1/15) ​Kalmar ​​11 reachstackers and 16 forklift trucks ​Algeria ​Not disclosed
​22 Apr (Q1/15) ​Kalmar ​Seven Kalmar DCE330-RORO units ​Italy ​Not disclosed
​21 Apr (Q1/15) ​Kalmar Two subsea knuckle boom cranes ​Singapore ​Not disclosed
​21 Apr ​Siwertell ​​Road-mobile unloader ​Kuwait ​Not disclosed
​21 Apr (Q1/15) ​Kalmar 42 Kalmar Ottawa terminal tractors, five Kalmar reachstackers and two Kalmar rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) to Manila International Container terminal, and 16 Kalmar Ottawa terminal tractors and two Kalmar RTGs ​Philippines ​Not disclosed
​20 Apr (Q1/15) ​MacGregor ​Triplex deck handling equipment and cranes for four customised Havyard 843 anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTS) ​Brasil ​Not disclosed
​17 Apr (Q1/15) ​MacGregor ​Pusnes bow loading systems for three newbuild shuttle tankers ​South Korea ​Not disclosed
​16 Apr ​Hiab ​60 stiff boom cranes ​China ​Not disclosed
​31 Mar ​Hiab ​MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts ​North America ​Approximately USD 10 million
​30 Mar ​Siwertell ​Road mobile unloader Saudi Arabia ​Not disclosed
​24 Mar ​Siwertell ​Siwertell screw-type ship unloader Korea ​Not disclosed
​23 Mar ​MacGregor ​Two complete deck equipment packages for a pair of 78m anchor handling, supply and oil recovery vessels ​China ​Not disclosed
​16 Mar ​​MacGregor ​Crane and observation gondola ​US ​Not disclosed
​9 Mar ​​MacGregor ​Complete turnkey delivery of RoRo cargo access and handling equipment ​Finland ​Not disclosed
​9 Mar ​Kalmar ​Additional system of 20 automatic stacking cranes ​UK ​Not disclosed
​5 Mar ​​MacGregor ​Eight MacGregor dry bulk cement handling systems ​China ​Not disclosed
​4 Feb ​Kalmar ​512 units of Kalmar Ottawa T2 terminal tractors ​North America ​Not disclosed
​29 Jan (Q4/14) ​Hiab ​Five models of folding loader crane, ranging from versatile 4-ton cranes to powerful 14-ton cranes, together with a service and maintenance package ​UK ​Not disclosed
​28 Jan (Q4/14) ​Siwertell ​Road-mobile unloader ​Turkey ​Not disclosed
​20 Jan (Q4/14) ​Kalmar ​Integrated automation system: control systems of automatic stacking cranes (ASCs) and AutoShuttles, and terminal logistic system (TLS) as well as for the integration of the system components and terminal operating system (TOS) ​Australia Approximately EUR 15 million
​19 Jan (Q4/14) ​​MacGregor ​Cargo and passenger access equipment for two cruise ships France ​Not disclosed
​16 Jan (Q4/14) ​​MacGregor ​Deck equipment packages for two 78m anchor-handling/offshore support vessels. Each package includes a medium pressure anchor windlass/mooring winch, capstans, tugger winches, storage reels, a provisions crane and power packs. From its Hatlapa range, MacGregor will supply each vessel with a 350 tonne line pull/450 tonne brake holding capacity low pressure anchor-handling/towing winch ​China ​Not disclosed

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