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Cargotec’s strategy aims to secure profitable growth by focusing on customer centricity, services, digitalisation and productivity.

With a refined strategy for the period 2019–2021, we continue to work towards our vision of becoming the global leader in intelligent cargo handling. The refined strategy aims to secure our profitable growth by focusing on four must-win battles: customer centricity, services, digitalisation and productivity. Cargotec's external financial targets, which were published on 5 September 2017, remain unchanged.

Win through customer centricity

We help our customers achieve their goals by aligning our offering and way of working to serve them better.

Advance in services

We extend our offering towards intelligent solutions that enable us to serve our customers wide across their lifecycles.

Accelerate digitalisation

We build and expand our digital solutions to offer a great customer experience and more efficient business processes.

Productivity for growth

We focus on activities that add value and benefit our customers and us by developing our business operations and common platforms.

Business area strategies


Kalmar aims to become a service-driven solutions provider who guarantees availability and performance for its customers. As a market leader, Kalmar is able to shape the future of its industry. It drives the transformation of cargo and material handling through openness and collaboration as well as with innovative, digitally enabled and eco-efficient solutions.

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Hiab is committed to strengthening its market position by focusing on customer centricity. Its goal is to be the number one partner and load handling solution provider in all of its prioritised markets and segments. Hiab continues to focus on services, innovation and taking advantage of the digital opportunities for improving its customers’ efficiency and helping them manage the increased complexity of load handling.

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MacGregor aims to be recognised as the leader in intelligent maritime cargo and load handling by becoming the preferred provider of lowest total cost solutions for shipbuilders, and the preferred partner for ship owners and operators by providing the highest lifecycle value.

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