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On 27 April 2023, Cargotec's Bopard of Directors decided to investigate and initiate a process to potentially separate its core businesses Kalmar and Hiab into two standalone companies. On 30 May 2024, Cargotec's Annual General Meeting resolved on the partial demerger of Cargotec Corporation in accordance with the demerger plan. On 30 June 2024, the completion of the partial demerger of Cargotec Corporation was registered with the Finnish Trade Register. Read more


AMER Americas
APAC Asia-Pacific
Construction output Construction production volume, a key market driver for Hiab
Container throughput A measure of the number of containers handled over a period of time. It is a standard measure for the productivity of a seaport. Container throughput is measured by twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). Key market driver for Kalmar
EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa
Greenfield terminal Brand-new terminal whose construction does not contain constrainsts of buildings and infrastructure
SAF Semi-automated folding, used in some of Hiab's products
Software sales When reported, software sales includes Navis business unit (until its divestment in 2021) and automation software


HiConnectTM   Hiab's connected service offering, which enhances the productivity of Hiab equipment for fleet operators by enabling real-time insights via web-based dashboards showing the utilisation, condition and operation of their connected Hiab equipment (more information)
HiPerformTM A total Hiab offering that comprises Hiab HiConnect™, Hiab Uptime™ and Hiab ProCare™, providing connectivity, real-time monitoring and diagnostics, as well as tailored service agreements.
HiVisionTM  HiVision, Hiab's 3D technology product for forestry cranes, makes possible to move the crane from a truck cabin (more information)
Loader crane Crane attached to a truck (more information)
Truck mounted forklift Forklifts for loading and unloading cargo without assistance. Fits at the rear of a truck or trailer. Hiab produces truck mounted forklift under MOFFETT brand (more information


Offshore Industrial activity at sea, e.g. offshore wind energy-related actions, drilling and pumping at an oil or gas well
PCTC Pure car/truck carrier
RoRo vessel Roll-on/roll-off vessel, designed to carry wheeled cargo that are driven on and off the ship
RoPax vessel Roll-on/roll-off passanger vessel for freight vehicle transport and passenger accommodation
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