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On 27 April 2023, the Board of Directors of Cargotec decided to investigate and initiate a process to separate Cargotec's core businesses Kalmar and Hiab into two standalone companies. On 30 May 2024, Cargotec's Annual General Meeting resolved on the partial demerger of Cargotec Corporation in accordance with the demerger plan approved by the Board of Directors and signed on 1 February 2024. More information.

Announced orders

Announced orders published as stock exchange or press releases are listed here, smaller order releases have been excluded. You can access the original release via the link in the first column. All releases can be found here.


Orders announced in Q1/2024

Date (and booking quarter) Business area Description Country/Customer Value
8 April 2024 (Q1/24) Kalmar six hybrid straddle carriers France/Med Europe Terminal Not disclosed (large order)
3 April 2024 (Q1/24) Hiab WALTCO tail lifts USA/a national discount retailer Large order of EUR 7 million
27 March 2024 (Q1/24) Hiab loader cranes to be used in offshore wind turbines Not disclosed Large order of EUR 5 million
7 March 2024 (Q1/24) MacGregor a 100-tonne active heave-compensated (AHC) crane, a 20T Offshore crane and a 3T deck crane, and MacGregor's OnWatch solution, including 24/7 technical service support worldwide Norway/VARD Not disclosed (large order)
5 March 2024 (Q1/24) Kalmar two new electric AutoStrads™, retrofitting of two existing hybrid straddle carriers USA/APM Terminals Not disclosed (large order)
21 February 2024 (Q1/24) Kalmar two fully electric and eight hybrid straddle carriers The Netherland/Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam Not disclosed (significant order)






​Date (and booking quarter)​​Business unit​Description​Country​Value
22 Dec (Q4/16) ​Kalmar ​Seven RTG cranes ​Algeria ​Approximately 10 million
​15 Dec (Q3/16) ​Kalmar ​93 terminal tractors ​Malaysia ​5 million
​14 Dec ​MacGregor ​Maintenance agreement of 39 ferries ​Sweden ​​Not disclosed
​14 Nov (Q3/16) ​Kalmar ​23 straddle carriers ​South Africa ​Not disclosed
​13 Oct (Q3/16) ​MacGregor ​Deck machinery ​China ​​Not disclosed
​5 Oct (Q3/16) ​Kalmar ​34 Kalmar Gloria reachstackers ​Europe
​Not disclosed
​13 Sep ​Kalmar ​12 empty container handlers USA
​Not disclosed
​25 Aug (Q1/16) ​Kalmar ​25 forklift trucks ​Algeria
​Not disclosed
​18 Aug ​Kalmar Four diesel-electric straddle carriers, ten heavy-duty terminal tractors for RoRo handling, four light forklift trucks and two heavy forklift trucks ​Finland ​Not disclosed
​11 Aug (Q2/16) ​Kalmar ​Seven top loaders and eight reachstackers ​Americas
​Not disclosed
​11 Jul (Q2/16) MacGregor ​Design and delivery of key components and the fabrication of steel structures for the hatch covers on board five 14,000 TEU container vessels under construction ​Japan ​Not disclosed
​28 Jun (Q4/16) ​Kalmar ​Eight diesel-electric straddle carriers ​New Zealand
​Not disclosed
​21 Jun ​Kalmar ​18 all-electric AGVs ​Singapore
​Not disclosed
​2 Jun (Q4/15 and Q1/16) ​Kalmar ​10 diesel-electric straddle carriers ​Australia
​Not disclosed
​17 May (Q1/16) ​Kalmar ​Heightening three ZPMC ship-to-shore (STS) cranes ​Belgium
​Not disclosed
​4 May ​Kalmar ​Upgrading seven ship-to-shore (STS) cranes ​Malaysia ​More than 20 million
​4 May (Q1/16) ​Kalmar ​Nine Diesel-electric straddle carriers ​Germany
​Not disclosed
​27 Apr (Q1/16) ​MacGregor ​Comprehensive RoRo access equipment packages for four car carriers ​Japan
​Not disclosed
​25 Apr (Q1/16) ​Hiab ​250 Hiab loader cranes ​India
​Not disclosed
​21 Apr (Q1/16) ​Kalmar ​Nine Diesel-electric straddle carriers ​Germany
​Not disclosed
​12 Apr (Q1/16) ​MacGregor Electrically-operated shell doors and electric frequency-controlled Hatlapa winches for four next-generation eco-cruise ships ​Germany and Finland ​Not disclosed
​6 Apr (Q1/16) MacGregor ​Loose lashing orders for twelve container vessels ​Europe
​Not disclosed
​1 Apr (Q1/16) ​MacGregor ​Loose lashing contract to complete the optimized handling solution for five container ships ​South Korea
​Not disclosed
​30 Mar MacGregor ​For each of the two vessels, three K3030-4 mechanical grab cargo cranes with a safe working load of 30 tonnes at 30m outreach, design and key components package for multi folding-type hatch covers (6+6), electrically-driven Hatlapa deck machinery and Porsgrunn steering gear ​Finland
​Not disclosed
​22 Mar (Q2/15) ​Kalmar 37 Kalmar reachstackers and 8 Kalmar empty container handlers ​South Africa
​Not disclosed
​14 Mar (Q4/15) ​Kalmar ​Four Kalmar E-One2 rubber-tyred gantry cranes ​Egypt
​Not disclosed
​9 Mar ​MacGregor ​​Cargo system upgrades for five 14,000 TEU container vessels, including modifications to the lashing system along with lashing bridge enhancement and the provision of Lashmate software ​China
​Not disclosed
​7 Mar Siwertell ST640-M screw-type unloader ​Europe and China ​Not disclosed
​17 Feb ​MacGregor ​Pusnes bow loading and offloading systems ​China
​Not disclosed
​5 Feb ​Siwertell ​Two road-mobile unloaders for cement unloading operations ​Libya and Vietnam
​Not disclosed
​4 Feb (Q3/15) ​Kalmar ​27 straddle carriers ​USA
​Not disclosed
​11 Jan (Q3/15) ​Kalmar ​​60 Kalmar Ottawa T2 off-highway terminal tractors ​USA
Not disclosed


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