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Test automation engineer came to Kalmar looking for new challenges

Senior Test Automation Engineer Marko Anttila is one of the top talents developing digital solutions for a global pioneer.

Every fourth container in the world is moved by Kalmar, part of the Finnish cargo handling giant Cargotec. By developing new software and automation solutions, the company is seeking competitive advantage in the industry. And it is not just a small side project for Kalmar, either, as software sales alone bring Cargotec as much as 157 million euros each year. It makes Cargotec one of the biggest listed software companies in Finland.

“Most people perceive Kalmar as a company that only makes physical cargo handling equipment. Only a few people understand the level of automation and software the ports actually have. Cranes that operate without drivers already exist,” Marko explains.

Having a job with relevance makes it more meaningful
With 14 years of experience in the software industry, Marko joined Kalmar two years ago. Previously, he worked at an IT consulting company, doing mainly subcontracting for other companies. He worked with, for example, Nokia’s mobile networks. Working in-house feels more meaningful, Marko says.

“One of the reasons I wanted to change jobs was to find new professional challenges and do different things. At my old job, I felt I was doing the same thing over and over again,” Marko adds.

Together with his test automation team and the other ICT people, Marko plays a crucial role in whether Kalmar achieves its goals for digital development.

“I appreciate the fact that every day I have a chance to help Kalmar achieve its strategic goals in digitalisation. Working in-house, I feel more at home and have a sense of my work being valued in a whole different way.”

Kalmar is continuously recruiting new ICT talents who will face interesting challenges as the employees of a global pioneer. “During my time here, dozens of new developers, test engineers and other software professionals have been recruited. A company of this size offers a multitude of career prospects and learning opportunities far into the future.”

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