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For any questions related to your invoices, please send an email in English to: supplier.queries(at)


How to send your invoices to Cargotec 

E-invoices: Please note that our preferred invoicing method is e-invoicing. Find out the different options for creating e-invoices, click here.

PDF invoices: E-mails are not e-invoices, but we accept them too. Please send one invoice per PDF; there can be several PDF’s in one e-mail.The maximum file size is 5 MB. Check your local invoice e-mail address through this link. Please note that it is a ‘no reply’ e-mail address; however, you should receive a reply confirming that your invoice(s) are scanned or informing about any possible problems with the invoices. 

Paper invoices: To ensure timely payments, we encourage the use of e-invoices. However, in case you need to send a paper invoice, you can find the addresses through this link. Please note that these addresses are only for invoices, delivery notes, specifications and other relevant attachments; for other type of correspondence, send it to the local offices.


Invoicing requirements 

When sending invoices to Cargotec, please note that there are new requirements. If the invoices do not meet the stated requirements, it will be returned to the supplier, which may cause delays in payments.

  • English language should be used in all invoices
  • Invoices must include the following references;
    • Purchaser’s full name + Purchase Order (PO) number + line item reference, or
    • Purchaser’s full name + cost assignment
  • In addition, the following information should be stated on all invoices
    • Cargotec company name, invoicing address, and VAT registration number (domicile). Note: if the purchased goods are delivered to another country than the home country and Cargotec is VAT registered there, the VAT registration number of that country needs to be stated
    • Delivery address
    • Supplier’s VAT registration number
    • Supplier’s bank details (including IBAN/SWIFT)

For any questions related to your invoices, please send an email in English to: supplier.queries(at)

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