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Our story: Smarter cargo flow for a better everyday

As a market leader, it is our responsibility to lead the way in developing solutions and the industry. We work together with our customers in order to reduce the complexity of global cargo flow.

On 27 April 2023, the Board of Directors of Cargotec decided to investigate and initiate a process to separate Cargotec's core businesses Kalmar and Hiab into two standalone companies. On 30 May 2024, Cargotec's Annual General Meeting resolved on the partial demerger of Cargotec Corporation in accordance with the demerger plan approved by the Board of Directors. More information is available here.

Our everyday life is constantly changing. Fast-paced societies are alive 24/7. This is reflected in how we organise our days, buy our goods, and do our jobs. Every single thing we use has come from somewhere. The materials the objects are made of, their components, the things themselves are transported to get to us. And we want them to arrive more conveniently and immediately.

Our job at Cargotec is to help businesses keep goods moving efficiently and safely by optimising cargo flows. Our customers are becoming more sensitive to how we use global resources, avoiding the waste of raw materials or energy. Value and growth are not built by increasing volume in today’s world, but with intelligent and sustainable solutions.

To serve the global cargo flow and everyone involved in it, we work with our customers as they transform for the digitalised everyday. Part of it is making the complexity behind a smooth logistics flow feel easy for businesses. Enabling things to move swiftly from anywhere in the world to your doorstep across seas, through automated ports, and within cities that are becoming more dense.

Being more connected to every stage of our customers’ lifecycles allows us to create more value together. Integrating intelligence with hardware allows us to better collaborate in daily operations, and to react remotely before problems arise. We are in a unique position to impact global cargo flows by being active and present at sea, in ports and on roads. We take to heart the responsibility of market leader and pioneer of the industries we operate in, and develop solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Through the work we do every day we will be the leader in sustainable cargo handling and enable smarter cargo flow for a better everyday. 

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Our history

Cargotec's journey from 2005 onwards

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