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Cargotec’s Board of Directors decided on new incentive programme for the Group’s key employees


Offshore wind is a growing industry, where @MacGregorGlobal has been applying its vast knowledge of offshore technology already for several years. Here's how.🌬️#CargotecIR #smarterbettertogether


Connected equipment #data from @Kalmarglobal and @Hiabglobal suggests gradual improvement in equipment running hours in the US and Europe during Q3/2020. #CargotecIR #CargotecResults


What are the assumptions for Q4 and 2021 - and other frequently asked questions about Cargotec's Q3/2020 results now answered in our IR blog: #CargotecIR #CargotecResults


Cargotec's Q3/2020 results summarised in under 5 minutes: #CargotecIR #CargotecResults

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