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Cargotec is committed to communicating actively and openly with all stakeholders irrespective of whether the information is positive or negative for the company. All communications are performed in a transparent, credible, proactive and consistent manner. The aim is to provide reliable and timely information in support of a fair valuation of the company's shares.

Cargotec does not conduct any meetings with capital market representatives during a three-week period prior to the publishing of financial statements or interim reports.

Investor relations in 2020

This text is an extract from the Cargotec Annual report 2020. Links to the 2020 annual report can be found on this same page.

Early in 2020, Cargotec’s Investor Relations managed still to meet investors and analysts face-to-face. The IR team held roadshows in London, UK and in Oslo, Norway. In Copenhagen, Denmark the team participated in an investor conference, and it also held several investor calls and organised sell-side breakfasts in Helsinki, Finland and in London.

In February, Stefan Lampa, the head of Kalmar Mobile Solutions, met the investor community in Helsinki, Finland. In his presentation, Stefan talked about the market development and how he saw electrification, the robotics and automation to boost the business forward. The IR team prepared a video interview with Stefan, which has gathered hundreds of views in Cargotec’s Youtube channel.

Coronavirus pandemic affected everyone globally during 2020. Safety and health of our employees, customers and partners remained the first priority in all Cargotec activities, and also Cargotec’s Investor Relations adjusted its actions accordingly.

From early March onward, the IR team moved into using virtual meeting methods in all its investor and analyst meetings. Since then, the meeting participants have convened online and material has been shared virtually. While the coronavirus situation prevails, the IR team continues with high safety standards, following the regulatory travel and social restrictions.

All in all, the IR team held tens of virtual meetings in 2020. Meetings were hosted by IR team members and, on many of those meetings, also Cargotec’s CEO Mika Vehviläinen or CFO Mikko Puolakka participated, presenting their insights to the audience about Cargotec as an investment opportunity.

The IR team produced 13 videos during 2020. The videos presented Cargotec’s activities from many angles - from quarterly report presentations to business area introductions and strategy development insights. In total, the videos have collected about 6,000 views on Cargotec’s Youtube channel (end-January 2021 situation).The IR team also wrote 16 blog texts in 2020, which were published on company website The blog topics ranged from interim report Q&A to coronavirus status updates and business area and strategy developments.

The IR section on the company website was in many ways the main hub of IR activities during 2020. All 2020-related material was collected there (not forgetting the vast material that covers the earlier years). This includes, among others, the IR presentation (updated monthly), quarterly report material (videos, webcasts, transcripts, presentations, reports, podcasts), AGM materials for which the team also created a vast majority of materials.

To further enrich the connection with the IR audience, the IR team initiated several web development activities during 2020. For the investor/analyst meeting participant it is now possible to send instant meeting feedback via a specific quick-to-fill web form and, for longer messages, a specific IR feedback form was also created. The solution enables Cargotec’s IR to monitor the market sentiment and gather anonymous investor feedback.

Cargotec IR in social media
Cargotec’s IR team has been actively using social media to engage and serve retail investors. Cargotec’s social media channels regularly post content of interest to investors, which can also be followed through the hashtag #CargotecIR. Retail investors have also been offered the possibility to ask about Cargotec as an investment through three different campaigns on social media.

In addition to Cargotec’s corporate social media accounts being active on social media, the IR team - Vice President Investor Relations Hanna-Maria Heikkinen and Director Investor Relations Aki Vesikallio in particular - has been personally active in creating dialogue and sharing content on social media. The intention of all of these actions has been to serve the needs of retail investors in their preferred channels.

In 2020, Cargotec Investor Relations received high scores in the IR Nordic Markets’ annual REGI survey. Cargotec’s IRO was rated second in Finland and in a 3-year average, outperforming the sector in the Nordic countries. In 2020, the survey evaluated 90 companies’ IR activities.

Analyst coverage
At the end of 2020, Cargotec share was covered by 12 analysts, located in Helsinki, Stockholm, and London. Analyst contact information as well as consensus estimates are available on Cargotec’s investor website. Cargotec does not take any responsibility for the content, accuracy or completeness of the views of analysts or other capital market representatives.

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