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2008-05-28 Kalmar suite of Pro Future solutions


Kalmar Industries, part of Cargotec Corporation, continues to reduce the environmental impact and address the total lifetime cost of its equipment with the launch of its ECF50-90 series electric forklift featuring the latest in AC power technology. Every aspect of the new machine, totally free of fossil fuels, has been examined to produce one of the world most productive, cost-effective and environmentally friendly lifting solutions.

This all-electric forklift series, which is capable of handling loads from 5 to 9 tonnes, joins Kalmar already long list of Pro Future solutions, a new concept encompassing all of its environmentally friendly equipment.

The Kalmar ECF50-90 uses two compact AC traction motors, the speed of which can be controlled individually. An electronic control system produces excellent driving characteristics, with rapid response to the driver actions and smooth transitions when accelerating, decelerating, starting and stopping.

Using new AC technology has a number of advantages. The motors and pumps are more responsive, producing improved driveability. There are fewer mechanical parts and no carbon brushes or contactors for directional switching or the regenerative systems, further reducing the need for maintenance and replacement parts. Better control systems mean operators gain economic efficiency. Overall, AC contributes to enhanced productivity and a longer battery life while also reducing energy consumption and the need for maintenance.

Andreas Schumacher, Vice President, Kalmar Germany, says that the number of customers in Central Europe requesting highly productive forklifts featuring longer work intervals and zero harmful emissions has been dramatically increasing. He explains:

With the rising costs of diesel and other fossil fuels, operators are continuously searching for reliable, efficient alternatives in materials handling. Kalmar dedication to providing customer-driven solutions is ever-more apparent with the launch of its latest generation all-electric forklift.

"At this critical point in the environmental discussion, there is a real need for productive, low-maintenance machines efficiently operating without expensive fossil fuels and where the working environment is an employer top consideration.

The Kalmar ECF50-90 series addresses environmental issues on every front. The vehicle uses the latest technology to maximise battery power and usage, extend intervals between charges and produce significant improvements in electricity consumption. Being electrically powered, there are no harmful emissions at the point of use, and the machine efficiency means it uses less electricity and thereby reduces the demand for power generation. Regenerative systems enable the battery charge to be replenished when the vehicle is decelerating and when braking. The new machine is quieter, reducing noise pollution and providing a better work environment for the driver. By using fewer hydraulic connectors, hydraulic oil leakage is minimised and oil usage dramatically improved.

Components have been carefully placed to optimise heat dissipation and for easy access. The battery is located behind the cab, where it can be fixed or, optionally, it can slide out or be removed using fork pockets. For operations requiring continuous use of the truck for several shifts, Kalmar offers complete solutions for battery handling and exchange.

The Kalmar Control System (KCS), a well-proven innovation from Kalmar Industries, displays operational, diagnostic and alarm information via a steering wheel panel and can be used to customise truck functions. The KCS also features a CAN-bus interface using the international CAN-open standard, using less wiring and providing more precise diagnostic measurements.

Kalmar is well-known for the durability and reliability of its products, and the ECF50-90 series is no exception. Using fewer mechanical parts and hydraulic connectors means there are fewer items requiring maintenance and replacement. This significantly reduces down-time, increases machine availability and productivity and reduces total lifetime ownership cost. The new machine uses an ergonomically-designed cab with improved visibility, providing an improved working environment carefully planned to raise the levels of performance.

Note to editors:
Press information can be found on Kalmar website: Simply click on News Room to be taken to a list of recent press releases. A photograph to accompany this press release is also available on the Kalmar website, by clicking on Press Pictures. The caption for the photograph reads:

“Rising energy costs and the need for productive, cost-efficienthandling solutionsprompted Kalmar to launch its next generation of 5 to 9 tonne all-electric forklifts. The new ECF-series boasts AC motor technology and an electronic control system which equals longer working cycles, enhanced driving characteristics and less maintenance.

Kalmar is a global provider of container and heavy duty materials handling equipment, automation applications and related services. It is the world's leading supplier of cargo handling equipment to ports, terminals and intermodal facilities.

Every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is handled by a Kalmar machine. The company also supplies a wide range of machines to demanding industrial customers for applications as diverse as handling steel and paper to shunting road trailers at distribution hubs.

Kalmar is also leading the way in port automation applications with its application of unmanned container handling technology, on-board smart features and remote maintenance products developed in co-operation with customers and partners.

Kalmar's product range is complemented by a large range of value added services such as maintenance contracts and fleet management. Production plants are situated in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and the USA. Kalmar's net sales were EUR 1.343 billion in 2007.

Kalmar is part of Cargotec Corporation, the world's leading provider of cargo handling solutions, which are used in local transportation, terminals, ports, distribution centres, and ships. In 2007, Cargotec's net sales were EUR 3.018 billion. Cargotec's class B shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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