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MacGREGOR acquisition of All Set Marine Lashing approved


Feeder ships from Japan feature Chinese-built hatch covers

One of MacGREGOR new partner plants in China is booked to produce five shipsets of hatch covers for a container ship series to be built by Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation.Five feeder container ships ordered for Japanese and overseas owners from Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation will be supplied with complete lift-away hatch cover sets manufactured by a MacGREGOR production partner in China. MacGREGOR will deliver hatch covers for two 831 TEU and three 907 TEU ships that have been booked at the Japanese yard for handover in 2006 and 2007, all sharing the following main dimensions:

Length, bp 134.00m
Breadth 22.40m
Depth 11.00m
Draft 8.20m

Complete hatch cover shipsets are assigned for production at one of MacGREGOR new partner plants in China: Rainbow Heavy Industry.

Container capacity will be arranged on deck and in holds accessed by the lift-away hatch covers, each shipset comprising 14 panels serving seven hatches.

A clear opening 12.6m long x 13.5m/8.1m wide will be offered by the twin-panel cover set of No 1 hatch, while the twin-panel cover of No 2 hatch will yield an opening 12.6m x 18.9m/13.5m. Each of the twin-panel sets for Nos 3 to 7 hatches will provide openings of 12.6m x 18.9m.

The hatch covers are designed to container loads; 20 ft for 40 to 60 LT and 40ft for 60 to 90 LT.

Sealing between hatch cover and coaming will be effected by MacGREGOR FlexSeal rubber packing, which is fitted on the panel and tightens against a stainless steel compression bar on top of the coaming. Sealing between the hatch cover panels is also secured by FlexSeal packing.

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