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Quest for a better tomorrow through industry collaboration

Dear reader,

Every fourth container in the world is moved by a Cargotec solution. As a technological and market leader, we can shape the way goods and materials are transported globally.

However, we believe that over the next five years, digitalisation, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence will completely transform our business and the industry as a whole. Globalisation, urbanisation and focus on energy efficiency are changing the cargo logistics. This is a huge opportunity for our industry, but in order to capture that we also have to change.

To have an efficient end-to-end global logistics, the entire chain needs to work together. This is not a reality yet, so we need to act now. We must commit ourselves to improving efficiency, safety and environmental aspects of our industry.

We at Cargotec take our leader responsibility seriously, and encourage our fellow peers in the cargo handling industry to join forces in this quest for a better tomorrow.

We are smarter and better - when we work together.

Mika Vehviläinen
CEO, Cargotec
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  • Reduce emissions
  • Safe and accident-free work environments
  • Optimised global cargo flows and load handling



Recent technological developments - artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, robotics etc. - open many new exciting possibilities for reducing inefficiencies.


Developing sustainable solutions together for cargo industry can have a big impact on eco-efficiency as a whole. Through coordinated efforts, we can lessen our industry’s impact on the planet.


Safety is a key concern at cargo handling industry. We work continuously to be a safe and trusted partner, and to achieve safer, accident-free work environments.

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