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Cargotec is committed to respecting human rights and providing a safe, fair and ethical working environment and equal opportunities for its employees. We encourage our partners and suppliers to do the same.

Our business impacts people in all parts of our value chain: Cargotec employees, operators of our equipment, supplier employees and local communities. As stated in our Code of Conduct, we are committed to respecting the human rights of everyone in our operations and value chain.

Our most significant human rights risks exist in our value chain, such as in the supply chain and business partner operations. In our Business Partner Code of Conduct, we have requirements for our partners related to, for example, health and safety, freedom of association as well as prohibition of child and forced labour.


Our progress

We are currently creating a comprehensive human rights due diligence programme that covers all Cargotec business areas and functions. As a first step, we initiated a human rights impact assessment in 2022 to identify adverse impacts on people in our value chain. The impact assessment will be finalised during 2023 and will guide us in defining Cargotec’s salient human rights issues. Our future human rights due diligence work will focus on preventing, mitigating and remedying these issues.

Our target for 2023 is to reach a completion rate of 100% for human rights training, as part of our Code of Conduct training.


For more detailed information, see Human rights in our Annual repot 2022 here.

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