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Cargotec is committed to respecting human rights and providing a safe, fair and ethical working environment and equal opportunities for its employees. We encourage our partners and suppliers to do the same.

Our business impacts people in all parts of our value chain: Cargotec employees, operators of our equipment, supplier employees and local communities. As stated in our Code of Conduct, we are committed to respecting the human rights of everyone in our operations and value chain.

Our most significant human rights risks exist in our value chain, such as in the supply chain and business partner operations. In our Business Partner Code of Conduct, we have requirements for our partners related to, for example, health and safety, freedom of association as well as prohibition of child and forced labour.


Our progress

In 2023, we finalised our first human rights impact assessment to better understand which topics to focus on in human rights due diligence. Based on the learnings from this work, Cargotec will create a guideline to help its business areas plan and execute human rights due diligence as future independent companies, should the planned separation of Cargotec’s core businesses take place.

Cargotec's current human rights due diligence process is described in our 2023 Annual report here.

Cargotec’s human rights-related target for 2023 was to reach a 100 percent completion rate on
human rights training, as part of mandatory Code of Conduct training. As the Code of Conduct training was postponed to 2024 to be better aligned with the timeline of our performance and development plan (PDP) process, the target remains the same for 2024.

For more detailed information, see Human rights in our Annual report 2023 here.

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